Emmerdale stars Rosie Bentham and Daisy Campbell jet off on holiday together as their exits are ‘confirmed’

The pair of closest friends have taken vacations together before (Images: Instagram / Daisy Campbell / Rosie Bentham)

As their on-screen characters were ready to leave the Emmerdale village, best friends Rosie Bentham and Daisy Campbell took off on a vacation together.

Amelia Spencer and Gabby Thomas, played by Daisy and Rosie, respectively, used their Instagram Stories to update their fans on the start of their journey.

The couple has recently posted photos of their weekend getaway in Paris and their trip to Ibiza together, so they are no strangers to taking vacations together.

This time, instead of Leeds, they are flying to sunny Croatia after preparing for the flight with literature and a trip to the duty-free shop.

Their vacation coincides with the departure of their on-screen characters from the Emmerdale hamlet after a turbulent few weeks for them both.

In the aftermath of Nicky’s (Lewis Cope) tragedy, Gabby has started feeling attracted to Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), and has even tried to kiss him.

She makes the decision to leave Billy and the connection she fears she may be developing to him for a time by deciding to remain with Diane Sugden in Portugal and bringing Thomas with her in subsequent scenes.

Amelia had previously maintained that Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) must flee to avoid going to jail, even though Dan has made it quite apparent that he doesn’t want to do so.

However, as a result of her worry, she will soon unintentionally damage Esther, and when Dan intervenes to aid her, they learn how scared they are of being apart.

Dan soon decides to go and asks Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) for assistance in setting up the trip.

Dan and Amelia leave with Esther to begin a new life when Cain fulfils his end of the contract.

Will they carry out their plan or will something intervene and prevent them?

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