Emmerdale spoilers: Evil Craig’s horrifying words after raping Lydia in devastating scenes

Lydia was raped by Craig (Image: ITV)

In Tuesday, September 5, Emmerdale, Karen Blick’s character Lydia Dingle had her life turned upside down after being sexually assaulted by her employer and erstwhile friend Craig (Ben Addis). However, Craig didn’t appear to care that Lydia was obviously stunned and upset by the experience.

Before, Lydia and Craig had experienced a private time together when they went to Toby’s last resting place. Lydia confessed in Kim (Claire King) that she was uncomfortable with their connection and was concerned that she could have given Craig the wrong impression.

She made the decision to leave her position as the office cleaner and proceeded to give her resignation in person. Even though she made it known to him that she wasn’t interested, it soon became apparent that Craig had deep affections for her. Yes, I’m wed. “I have a son, a husband, and a life,” she said.

It seems that Craig, who acknowledged being lonely, had imagined the relationship to be more than it was after getting back in touch with Lydia. He said, “The gods were bringing us back into each other’s orbits.” Or Toby existed.

Craig promised Lydia a life beyond her wildest expectations. “I can make it all happen—the Caribbean island, the Rolls Royce.” Let’s make up for all those years we never had.

After assuring her he loved her and never had stopped, he raped her, disregarding her protests that she didn’t want to be touched.

Though it wasn’t evident to Craig at the time, Lydia was obviously scared and shocked by what had transpired. His statements to her were very harsh, as he pretended that what had occurred was really romantic. It was difficult to know if he was concealing his own guilt or whether he truly thought that something consensual had transpired.

How strange how things work out, huh? If you had informed me that the two of us would do this two days ago.

It was a terrifying experience. (Image: ITV)

Lydia broke off to beg if she might go home in a frantic manner. Despite assuring her it was a nasty section of town, he volunteered to drive her. It is not what you desire to be by yourself. Anything is possible.

It had for Lydia, anyhow.

Craig was still mostly unaware of Lydia’s quiet on the journey home, and he failed to see the tears that began to fall down her cheeks. He spoke about teaching Samson (Sam Hall) how to drive in his fancy automobile and said that he was nearly done with speeding a few days before. He replied that it was fortunate that he knew the policeman who had stopped him.

would Lydia decide not to report the rape because she believes the police would likely support Craig as a result of this comment?

He took her hand as soon as they drew up outside Wishing Well. She froze, and he replied, “Thank you for today.” “It was truly exceptional.” He said that he would never consider speaking with Sam (James Hooton).

We’ll simply keep this private.

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