More Emmerdale exits ahead and Kim is left raging by two of them

She wasn’t content! (Image: ITV)

Two more characters may be leaving the town, according to a shocking statement made on Tuesday, September 5, on Emmerdale. This would add to the already lengthy list of recent and impending goodbyes.

The tragic death of beloved grandfather Rishi Sharma (Bhasker Patel) on the day of Jai and Laurel’s wedding startled fans in recent months.

Shortly later, Dan Spencer, portrayed by Liam Fox since 2011, was given an eight-year jail term, which caused Fox to quit the programme.

In the Anderson family, there were also departures: Victor (Eddie Osei) died tragically in the church from a brain aneurysm after a false accusation of stealing, and Naomi (Karene Peter) left for a new life overseas.

Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), whose life will be in grave jeopardy after a spectacular car incident during Super Soap Week, is probably one of the next exits.

Later this year, Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) will have her last scenes on television before departing the Dales as well. Furthermore, it has been stated that Matthew Wolfenden left the programme, blaming his character David Metcalfe’s “lack of gritty storylines.”

Going back to Tuesday, September 5, Rosie Bentham’s character Gabby Thomas was not having a good day. After learning that Gabby had kissed Billy (Jay Kontzle) and then attempted to blackmail him into beating up Nicky (Lewis Cope), Dawn (Olivia Bromley) was hardly speaking to her at all.

In a conversation with Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant), Gabby let out her frustrations, but Bernice became agitated since Gabby’s rage was scaring the B&B guests. It was time for Bernice to tell her daughter to shut up about how awful life was at Home Farm.

Gabby tried to use Billy as a pawn (Image: ITV)

She said, “This is the downside to being the brood mare.” These remarks did not lift Gabby’s spirits in the slightest since they made her know that, as Kim Tate’s (Claire King) grandchild’s mother, she was completely at her mercy.

She decided to sell the HOP as a result. When she originally notified Jai (Chris Bisson) and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), they were concerned about what would happen to their careers in the event that a large company purchased the location. The Jai began to wonder whether there was any way he could purchase back his former company.

After learning of Gabby’s choice via Jai, Kim became enraged because she hadn’t been contacted over the sale. However, Kim’s situation would only become worse when Gabby revealed to her that she was not only selling the company but also departing from Emmerdale and most likely relocating overseas, bringing Thomas with.

Will Kim make an effort to stop Gabby? Alternatively, may Thomas and Gabby be the next to leave Emmerdale?

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