Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby filled with loathing as Victoria delivers bad news

This will undoubtedly worsen the situation! (Image from ITV)

It was planned that Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) would temporarily forget about Emmerdale while on vacation in Portugal. She would be able to unwind in the sunshine and forget about Nicky (Lewis Cope), her fiance who dumped her at the altar due to his sexual orientation and who had just pretended to love her as part of his hidden dad’s vengeance scheme.

She would also fail to recall how swiftly he had begun dating Suni Sharma (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana).

She would also be able to quit worrying about nearly kissing Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle), an individual who shares Gabby’s home and is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his first child with wife Dawn (Olivia Bromley).

Unfortunately, despite how nice Portugal was, it seems that as soon as Gabby returns to the Dales, she is still enraged about all of these things. In order to convince Billy that she is completely over the situation and that they would soon forget about it, she checks in with him briefly. She only wants to remind him that they nearly kissed. Billy gladly accepts since he knows Gabby isn’t serious about forgetting about it, and he doesn’t want to go back there either.

Vic believes she has a great idea. (Image from ITV)

Work might be a wonderful diversion when your personal life is a mess. Unfortunately for Gabby, her job includes the Hide, a catering company. Unfortunately, Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) chose to hire a new cook while she was abroad.

In Suni Sharma.

In a rage, Gabby comes to Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) to vent her resentment. Although Jacob tries to be compassionate, Gabby isn’t a person who lets things go easy, and when Suni begins working, she responds quite negatively.

She had previously been observed becoming extremely inebriated and lash out at Nicky, which is what caused the close encounter with Billy. Could she resort to violence once again in an effort to remove Suni?

How far will she go to let Nicky and Suni know that she isn’t the kind of person to just forget?

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