Emmerdale spoilers: Gun horror confirmed for Caleb and Nate as things go too far

Things are spiralling (Picture: ITV)

When the tranquil town is the epicenter of horrendous gun violence, Nate (Jurelle Carter) will find himself in the thick of a horrifying predicament that will grip Emmerdale.

Nate has been hanging out with the big boys and has been engaged in organized crime in an effort to provide for Tracy (Amy Walsh) by putting food on the table. Although he is undoubtedly making a lot of money, everything is going to go wrong. Thoughtfully blackmailing Caleb (Will Ash) to find employment may have been his last act, despite what he may have thought.

Working with Corey (Kyle Rowe), Nate is growing restless and declines yet another sketchy assignment. Jeff Hordley’s Cain and Tracy become suspicious and start asking probing questions. But when Caleb gives Nate a managerial position, the issue appears to be resolved on the surface.

This bothers Corey since Nate not only takes his job but also ends the illicit jobs, which are great little money makers. Corey doesn’t intend to stop; in fact, he raises the stakes. When Nate discovers him moving illegal weapons, he is appalled.

A criminal gun network in this tranquil neighborhood? Nate promises to act, but he is completely out of his depth. When Tracy shows up just as he is about to do something, he is obliged to quickly hide the guns.

Out of their depth (Picture: ITV)

When Nate informs him of the shady transactions, Caleb becomes enraged. When he finds out where the firearms are hidden, he goes to get them. A sickening realization, however, is in store: the firearms are no longer there.

How will Nate tell Corey about this? Tracy senses Nate’s fear and senses something is not right. Is she also in danger? Since the firearms belong to some really serious people who have extremely aggressive methods of ensuring their stuff is returned to them, Corey goes into panic mode when he finds that the guns are missing. As Nate feels compelled to tell his new wife the truth, Caleb makes the decision to meet with Harry (Robert Beck) in person.

As Nate explains himself to Tracy, things aren’t great for him, but they’re terrible for Caleb.

He meets Harry at the vehicle office and orders him to halt his illegal activity, but Harry isn’t about to take orders, as he demonstrates with the help of his heavy equipment. Will Caleb eventually meet a terrible death?

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