Emmerdale spoilers: Huge breakthrough for Charity Dingle and Mack Boyd – but the agony isn’t over

The journey isn’t over yet (Picture: ITV)

Through severe bouts of PTSD, Damon “Harry” Harris (Robert Beck) has been haunting Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) from beyond the dead, leaving Charity a sleep-deprived mess in Emmerdale.

Her relationship with her partner has begun to fall apart as her mental health has deteriorated.

After Mack (Lawrence Robb) forcibly removed everyone from the bar on Suni’s birthday due to a single broken glass, Mack began to suspect Charity wasn’t coping. She agreed to seek assistance from the GP when he advised her to do so.

However, it all went wrong when she lost it over Ella when Ella questioned her about what was wrong, and she ended up damaging Harry’s grave instead.

Charity suffered a breakdown after killing Harry (Picture: ITV)

Things took a turn for the worse when Charity stabbed a startled Mack after being enraged by one of Harry’s horrific night terrors.

Mack, however, overcomes his stomach puncture and recovers from the potentially fatal wound prepared and eager to provide Charity with whatever she needs.

The duo receives excellent news when they find out that no charges will be brought. But when Mack tries to give Charity an embrace and she recoils from him, it becomes evident that there is a long road ahead.

Charity emails him later to say he can bring the kids over the following day, and he is overjoyed because he knows she needs to give it her all or nothing will change.

Given that it suggests Charity’s recovery, it’s a significant step forward for the pair.

However, Charity feels overburdened when they all show up—it’s too much, too soon.

Another bright spot in their relationship is that Mack can sense what’s going on and is in sync with her. At last, they are in agreement.

However, it indicates that things are still very much not well. Is Charity going to collapse again?

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