Emmerdale spoilers: Mack makes final decision between Chloe and Charity

Time for decision (Images from ITV)

Mack (Lawrence Robb) is perhaps the Emmerdale village’s most rude little jerk. He’s ready to get into bed with Chloe (Jessie Elland) after promising Charity (Emma Atkins) that nothing would happen between them.

He has been attempting to woo Charity back, but she is steadfast in her belief that being pregnant by someone else is a deal-breaker. Mack is on the verge of throwing up the struggle due to the appeal of a ready-made family.

He and Chloe had already shared a kiss after spending a lot of time together, laying the framework for things to progress further, which Chloe is undoubtedly eager for.

Although after the kiss he and Chloe agreed that a relationship wasn’t out of the question, Mack still believes there is a possibility for him and Charity to get together. Chloe, in particular, likes the concept — what a wonderful thing it would be for Reuben to have a full family!

And right now, it appears like progress is being made in that direction. Chloe takes some convincing, but after Mackenzie tells her that he is over Charity (that was quick! ), she decides to spend the day with him. It doesn’t take much to persuade her since soon enough, they’re bumping ugly.

Mack’s emotions are put to the test (ITV picture)

Evidently, it’s also rather fantastic because Mack now feels more motivated to continue building his new family. He resists informing Charity they are dating, leaving Chloe unconvinced if he is truly committed.

Before Chloe can tell everyone that she and Mack are dating, Mack finds out that Charity slept with Caleb Milligan (William Ash). Oh, how things have changed. He loses his calm at the pub and confronts Caleb for having sex with his wife, completely forgetting that he had just committed the filthy deed himself.

This treachery hurts Chloe since it is obvious that he is not at all over Charity. She corners Mackenzie because she feels as though she is on shaky footing and gives him a brutal choice: either she or Charity. Is there still a possibility with his ex-girlfriend, and has his response shown that he sincerely wants his wife back?

According to actor Lawrence Robb, the new father could find this ultimatum to be too much.

He admitted: “He has feelings for both Chloe and Charity, but I think Mack thinks Chloe’s demand is a little bit excessive.” He and Charity had recently been married.

The author said, “But Chloe being the mother of his baby and having dealt with a lot of his rubbish over the past 9 months; I think there will be a part of him that understands and empathises with her and the demand.”

Sounds like a poor foundation for a new relationship. Will he choose Chloe and later be sorry?

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