Emmerdale spoiler video: Caleb causes chaos in the Woolpack with massive revelation

As his one-night stand with Charity (Emma Atkins) is revealed next week in Emmerdale, Caleb Milligan (William Ash) demonstrates that he’s highly skilled at creating enemies.

This week, Caleb’s plan to rob Kim (Claire King) of Home Farm was spectacularly foiled. Caleb was essentially cast to the wolves and informed he was no longer welcome after he confessed his relationship with Frank and how he desired retribution for the way Kim saw his father’s death.

When Caleb made remarks about family devotion, Chas (Lucy Pargeter), who had first appeared to be willing to provide him some support, became enraged and kicked him out of the bar.

Caleb continues to cause problems. (Image from ITV)

He made a commitment to remain in the community, informing Cain and Chas that he would be stopping at the B&B until things were resolved, but an evening with Charity would only make matters worse.

Over a bottle of wine, Caleb and Charity develop a relationship that leads to a kiss. In this new film, we see that their agreement to keep their night together private only lasts for approximately five minutes.

Caleb’s arrogant grin is still present on his face (ITV picture).
Mack is forced to make a decision by Chloe (ITV).

All eyes are on Charity and Mack (Lawrence Robb) as they engage in yet another quarrel.

Mackenzie finds himself torn between Charity and Chloe (Jessie Elland), and his feelings are put to the test when Charity shocks everyone by admitting that she slept with Caleb, not least of all Caleb.

It happens right as Caleb (Roxy Shahidi) believes he is moving forward with Leyla. However, Charity’s disclosure causes chaos.

This video puts Mackenzie at the top of our list of suspects because Caleb is expected to be pushed from a ravine in forthcoming episodes, but does he have it in him to kill out of sheer jealousy?

Or will he put more effort into creating a life with Chloe and Reuben?

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