Emmerdale spoilers: Noah overwhelmed by Amelia amid new killer Dan agony

Noah tries his best to support Amelia (Pictures: ITV)

In upcoming episodes, the residents of Emmerdale will begin to handle the shocking news that Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) has been given a lengthy jail term for killing a man.

Dan yelled at Lloyd (Matt Sutton), the obnoxious pervert who had spotted Amelia’s social media posts online and targeted her. Amelia’s salon was visited by Lloyd, who initially pretended to be a client before quickly making it clear that he was there because he was interested in her. When Mandy (Lisa Riley) entered and got rid of him, she was terrified, startled, and utterly relieved.

Following this, Dan visited Lloyd at work to warn him off since he was worried about his daughter. Dan approached Lloyd after he disregarded the warnings and arrived at the community. Dan became enraged when Lloyd made fun of Amelia and threw a single punch.

This proved to be all that was necessary to send Lloyd into a coma. Dan was overcome with remorse, and after initially asserting that he had struck in self-defense, he subsequently acknowledged all of the facts and pled guilty to GBH. Dan’s guilty plea maintained even though the charge was modified from murder to manslaughter after Lloyd’s passing.

Dan was forced to accept the fact that he would definitely go to prison and have to leave Amelia and Esther behind after rejecting the thought of running away. He bid farewell to his local buddies in really sorrowful circumstances and readied himself for his impending punishment as he was given his sentence.

Amelia and Dan nearly went on the run (Picture: ITV)
Liam Fox breaks down in tears as he says farewell to Emmerdale after 12 years
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Amelia was upset because the prison sentence he received was far longer than everyone had anticipated. The information quickly returned to Emmerdale, where the locals were still trying to make sense of what had transpired.

Amelia will have to start preparing for life without her dad in subsequent episodes, which she previously deemed unimaginable. She had a disagreement with Noah (Jack Downham), but after meeting Claudette (Flo Wilson), she realizes that he has always had her best interests in mind and calls to apologize.

‘Noah always supports Amelia,’ Daisy Campbell said to us. He has always been her biggest rock. He undoubtedly comforts her and supports her in good times and bad.

Amelia discovers she has bravery she didn’t realize she possessed at the same moment. When she reveals that she intends to see Dan in jail the next day, Noah is incredibly moved by her bravery.

As a single mother with a career and education to consider, Daisy stated, “At first I really don’t think she would cope well.” She has always had Dan around, so I suppose it would take some getting used to.

“In due course, I believe she would learn to cope,”

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