Emmerdale spoilers: Paddy haunted by tragic baby death as he makes sad admission

Paddy has been dealing with a lot (Picture: ITV)

Marlon Dingle (Mark Charnock), who appeared in the Emmerdale episode airing on Tuesday, August 22, was still enraged with his closest buddy Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt).

In the prior episode, Paddy had neglected to show up when scheduled to go on a drive with Marlon. For Marlon, who has been readjusting to driving after months of being unable to do so due to his stroke, this was a significant accomplishment. He is petrified that he won’t be able to accomplish it or that he could possibly get another stroke while driving and have a catastrophic accident.

Even worse than that, Paddy returned after going away for a number of hours with no satisfactory reason. Friends of Paddy often worry that he could experience another mental health crisis and attempt suicide.

In reality, Paddy had been with Mary (Louise Jameson), Marlon’s mother-in-law, who was coping with her own worries and doubts about going forward after being severely injured by Faye (Jane Gurnett).

Mary and Paddy discussed her feelings over this event in greater detail, and she made a commitment to Rhona and Marlon to try and be honest with them about how terrified she was to try and open up to a new relationship after the lady she loved had treated her so horribly.

They spoke about how talking may be therapeutic. Paddy claimed that although it wasn’t a miracle cure, it greatly improved things. Then he said that he still had a single regret.

Rhona develops an idea (Picture: ITV)

Later on, he disclosed to Mary what that “one thing” was. He claimed that after making an unsuccessful attempt at suicide, the only thing he hasn’t done is pay a visit to the cemetery of Grace, his infant daughter who passed on the day after her birth. He avoided going to the cemetery because he was afraid of being overwhelmed by the feelings it might elicit in him. He lied to Chas (Lucy Pargeter) about it since he felt bad about it.

Following this, Rhona received a call from Marlon, who had driven alone and was now stopped in fear at some traffic lights. Paddy and Marlon had the chance to restore their friendship as they all set out to find him.

Later, Mary was able to discuss what had transpired the day before and how she felt about Faye with Rhona and Marlon. She lamented, “I almost hear Faye laughing.” She triumphed.

A stressed-out Rhona realized that three of the most important persons in her life were going through a lot of difficulty when she also indicated that Paddy was experiencing trouble.

How can she assist them in overcoming their fears?

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