Coronation Street spoiler video: Terrible fall for Paul as toddler Bryn runs away

This is the shocking scene where sick Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), tending to Bryn in the park, painfully falls to the ground.

Paul is once more seen struggling with his deteriorating Motor Neurone Disease symptoms in a new Coronation Street promo video for tonight’s episode.

As Bryn rushes away as he is attempting to persuade her to go home, Paul stumbles and is unable to get to his feet.

He is helpless to stop Bryn from disappearing around the corner, leaving him in a panic.

It’s another heartbreaking moment in a long-running saga that will tragically result in his departure from the program as he continues to decline.

Paul had previously been severely affected by the reality of his condition because he worried he wouldn’t be able to help his sister Gemma (Dolly-Rose Campbell) down the aisle and because he once fell off the bus stairs.

He just got to meet Shelly, another MND patient, and she gave him some insight.

Vulnerable Paul is devastated as his deterioration takes hold (Picture: ITV)

However, he is still troubled by his thoughts and worries about the impending need for a wheelchair.

Fiance Paul feels overwhelmed by Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank), despite the fact that he is attempting to be his rock.

It comes after he told his soon-to-be spouse that, when the time comes, he wants assistance in taking his own life, shocking Billy to the core.

There is, however, some brightness since the couple also has happy times. For example, when Shelly counsels Paul to be appreciative of Billy’s assistance, Paul listens and the two go on a fun-filled day together.

Additionally, their wedding is quickly coming, and actor Dan has said that it will go on as planned, defying soap opera convention, and will be joyful.

Regarding the fact that it would be the first homosexual wedding on the program to really take place, he exclaimed, “I’m thrilled.” He also expressed how he felt little honored. In fact, the program has included LGBT characters for a long time before Billy, including Todd, Sean, and Sophie.

Poor Paul is left powerless (Picture: ITV)

And I’m overjoyed that our wedding is finally happening. Billy should receive the first one since he has spent so much time on the other side of the altar, and because he is a religious guy, it is crucial in that regard as well.

Even though he hasn’t always been a good sign at weddings. Most of the weddings he presided over didn’t turn out well! Hope that doesn’t bring bad luck.

In tonight’s episode, Paul is fortunately saved by Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), who stops Bryn and helps save him.

The incident serves as a painful reminder to Paul that things are only going to get worse, leaving him exposed and embarrassed.

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