Emmerdale spoilers reveal Belle is in fatal danger as Ruby struggles with guilt

Belle Dingle finds herself in terrifying danger next week on Emmerdale after finding out she is pregnant whilst Ruby struggles with her guilt and there’s a new couple in the Dales

After learning that she is pregnant, Belle Dingle in Emmerdale faces terrible peril the next week, as Ruby battles her guilt and a new pair moves into the Dales.

Following her pregnancy announcement, Belle Dingle on Emmerdale next week is in grave danger.

In addition to suffering horrifying violence at the hands of her husband Tom King, she will unexpectedly discover she is pregnant next week and will make every effort to conceal it from both Tom and Mandy. She chooses to see the doctor, but she’s not sure what to do next. Eventually, she confides in him, fearing that he would physically punish her for blabbing about her automobile.

Tom is astonished to learn that she is expecting, but he embraces her nevertheless, overcome by all that is happening. She is terrified and starts weeping, and he is crying too, but they are crying for very different reasons.

While Ruby battles her own guilt, she attempts to console Charles.

After they go for a stroll, Belle is certain that he will change and that they still have an opportunity to create a life they can enjoy together, even if she doesn’t want anybody to know that she is pregnant. Subsequently, however, Tom tells Rhona that Belle is expecting, and when Jimmy congratulates her, she thinks the secret is out. What does the future hold for the two of them, and how will she feel about the public knowledge of her pregnancy?

After being locked out of the home the next day, Belle takes a snooze with Piper. She unintentionally leaves some food cooking on the stove, and soon after, a tea towel begins to singe in the kitchen while she is sound asleep. Is Belle in risk of dying?

Tom’s response to Belle’s pregnancy astounds her.

Ruby, in another scene, is still struggling after Ethan’s death and will stop at nothing to mend her bond with her son. Adamant that she must confess, she fears the worst when Charles says the coroner has determined Ethan’s cause of death. What will they discover, and will she be in trouble or out of it?

Vinny and Gabby are also in for some romance, but things quickly take a terrible turn for the worst. Will a possible romance between them terminate before it even starts?

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