Emmerdale spoilers: Rose rocked as Kim confronts her amid plot with Ruby to destroy her

Rose should be very afraid (Picture: ITV)

When Rose Jackson (Christine Tremarco) initially debuted on Emmerdale, nobody trusted her. She was, after all, the one who had left her boyfriend Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) and daughter Dawn (Olivia Bromley), age five, and had never looked back. She now anticipated being able to reach out to Dawn and introduce herself to her grandkids.

Dawn gave Rose permission to settle at Home Farm after a rough beginning so that she could get to know her, and Rose is still there in spite of Kim Tate’s (Claire King) best attempts.

Rose has a secret goal, which none of the family members are aware of. She is a lady on a mission, even if she is having fun twisting Kim up and getting to know Dawn, Billy (Jay Kontzle), and the kids.

She is attempting to assist Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) in her efforts to eliminate Kim Tate.

As viewers are aware, Kim was formerly wed to Caleb’s father, Frank Tate (Norman Bowler), played by William Ash. Caleb holds her accountable for his father’s demise and for stealing what is really hers.

His first attempt to eliminate Kim was unsuccessful since she discovered his plans and turned the tables on him. Ruby seems to be continuing the work that Caleb began, presumably with Rose’s assistance. Rose had attempted to back out of their agreement before Ruby informed her that it was too late.

In the next episodes, Rose will be spending more time with Dawn, who is carrying the whole weight of the world in her arms as she treats her infant son Evan’s leukaemia and works to protect him from infection.

She is angry with both Clemmie (Mabel Addison) and Lucas (Noah Ryan Aspinall) since she can only prevent them from becoming sick by keeping them home from school.

Together, Rose and Ruby are seeking retribution on Kim (Image: ITV).

Rose entices Dawn to have a brandy and relax with her, but before that, she gives her some strong sleeping pills. Shaken, Will informs Rose that Dawn is an addict in recovery and that this is her final opportunity.

Although Dawn acknowledges that Rose made a mistake, she is more understanding and suggests that they can get over it and keep getting to know one another. Rose is happy that she and her daughter are becoming closer.

Her happiness is short-lived, however, for Kim has some advice for her. She tells Rose that she doesn’t have any faith in Will and that he is far from forgiving her.

Rose informs Ruby that because Kim is on the run, their strategy isn’t proceeding as planned.

Ruby tells her not to let this loss discourage her since they are competing for big prizes.

Does Kim know anything about the plans Ruby and Rose have in mind?

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