Coronation Street Joel Deering’s next victim ‘sealed’ in terrifying twist – and it’s not Bethany

Bethany and Joel
Coronation Street seem to be setting up Joel Deering to walk away scot free for what he did to Lauren Bolton after Nathan Curtis was arrested, but could someone risk their life getting in the way of that?

Joel Deering seems to be getting away with what he did to Lauren Bolton after Nathan Curtis was arrested on Coronation Street, but would someone really risk their life to stand in Joel Deering’s way?

Following the repercussions from the major Joel Deering revelation, Coronation Street broadcast some more startling moments this evening.

The identity of Joel as the attacker who may have slain Lauren Bolton has come to light. Although Roy Cropper was detained for the crime, we know he is innocent beyond reproach and that evil exists as well. Nathan Curtis is not guilty of this offence either.

Bethany Platt went to talk to Ellie, a small child who had been beaten by a guy she thought was Lauren, today. Upon meeting Bethany, she was shown a picture of Nathan and she was informed that it was him who had assaulted her.

It quickly came to light, however, that Joel had been lurking in the bedroom and had bought her silence. In addition, he is Nathan’s attorney and has pushed Nathan to admit to the crime even though he maintains his innocence.

Joel with his companion Dee-Dee (Photo: ITV)

Given her intense curiosity in Nathan’s relationship with the little girl named Ellie and Lauren’s fate, Bethany seems to be a prime candidate for Joel’s attention. But with everything going on, another resident could be in danger. Joel will undoubtedly continue to go to tremendous measures to keep his secret safe, but considering how close Dee-Dee is to Joel, may she be in danger? If events begin to unfold for him, will she eventually come to know the truth?

Joel’s actor Calum Lill hinted at what’s to come when he spoke about his character’s future.

“I believe he’s attempting to determine the number of possible loose ends and how to resolve them. Being a defence attorney, he is obviously skilled at the game, aware that there is a reasonable doubt, and aware that he must disprove any evidence that would implicate him. However, this is unfamiliar ground for him, he said.

It’s possible that he has already breached the law and behaved rudely towards others. However, because this is new, I believe he is really concerned. So that no one ever guesses that it may be Joel, he has to make it stick on Nathan.”

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