Emmerdale spoilers: Sam vows to kill rapist Craig as he goes on furious rampage

Sam and Lydia talk in the Dingle household in Emmerdale
Sam is on the warpath (Picture: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Sam Dingle (James Hooton) has been struggling to deal with Lydia Dingle’s (Karen Blick) rape and is finding it difficult to accept Craig being free in the village.

Sam wants to handle Craig personally because Lydia has indicated that she does not want to report her experience to the police after telling her husband about it.

He confided in Sam and said he wasn’t sure how he could assist, but she reassured him that he already could by being by her side.

He hasn’t been able to follow through on her insistence that he didn’t go “full-on Dingle” with Craig.

With a snap, he stormed out of the Dingle residence determined to find Lydia’s evil assailant.

He refused to listen to Mandy (Lisa Riley), and when he finally showed up at Craig’s job, it was obvious that he was planning to hurt, if not kill, him. Lydia was considering calling the police after all.

When the receptionist inquired as to if Craig was expecting Sam, he said, “He should be.”

To what extent will Sam go? Is there anyone who can stop him? Or will he take a step that he later regrets?

Next week, Lydia is devastated to learn that Craig has been granted bail by the police, but she also finds solace in Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry), a fellow survivor.

Sam extends an invitation to Rhona to return to the house, where a dejected Lydia is going through crisis brochures. Rhona, who has gone through this herself, sits with Lydia and offers her room to talk to someone who gets it.

Sam hears what’s going on and hopes that Lydia will make a breakthrough.

Is Rhona the key to assisting a tortured Lydia in facing her experience?

Regarding Craig, the more he gets away with it, the greater the risk he faces from the Dingles.

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