Emmerdale spoilers: Terrified Chas Dingle undergoes life-changing surgery in cancer battle

A long wait lies ahead for Chas’ family (Picture: ITV)

When Lucy Pargeter’s (Chas Dingle) plan to undergo a double mastectomy was revealed to Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller), Chas was taken aback.

Even though he was ultimately taken out, he unexpectedly decided to take a supporting stance. To ease Chas’s concerns, he even made the decision to have himself tested for the problematic gene.

Chas’s one concern since receiving her shocking diagnosis has been making sure she will live to watch Eve grow up.

She took her kid on a lengthy trip to create memories in case the worst happened since she was afraid of what lay ahead. However, this experience only strengthened her will to beat the Big C and to fight this illness.

Today is significant. (Image: ITV)

Chas’s big decision is about to come because the day of the procedure is rapidly approaching.

Aaron becomes concerned as it draws nearer because he discovers that Chas has only scheduled two weeks off for recuperation. It’s a significant procedure, and it seems like she’s trying to hide the truth about her predicament. As events transpire, it appears that he is correct.

Things clear up after Chas shares her anxieties with Paddy (Dominic Brunt) during a heart-to-heart. Though not in the ways she had anticipated, Paddy is there for her. They kiss as she lets go of her worries and relishes the cozy comfort of venting to Paddy.

With his nasty and callous response, Paddy makes Chas feel like an inch taller. He expresses remorse promptly and visibly. When Paddy owns up to his error and tells Mandy, she responds in a very unusual way.

On the day of the procedure, Chas puts on a brave face, but when she is by herself, her true emotions come through.

Although they see it as a bit of a bonding exercise, Aaron and Cain (Jeff Hordley) are in for a tense wait as they wait for information on her condition.

When Chas returns later, she is waking up to a very different world. It eventually hits her that what she’s just experienced is a heavy reality. Has she made the correct decision?

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