Emmerdale spoilers: Mandy Dingle rocked to the core as she discovers Paddy Kirk has cheated with Chas

Poor Mandy (Picture: ITV)

Soon after entering Emmerdale, Dominic Brunt’s character Paddy Kirk becomes engrossed in a moment with Lucy Pargeter’s character Chas Dingle, and the two kiss.

We are aware.

In case you forgot, Paddy and Chas’s marriage failed after it was revealed that she had an affair with Al Chapman. After that, Paddy’s mental health deteriorated to the point where he considered suicide.

Paddy’s life now is considerably more optimistic. He resides with Liam (Jonny McPherson) and Bear (Joshua Richards), is in a relationship with Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley), and is content to co-parent little Eve with Chas.

Future episodes of the ITV soap opera, however, will serve as a reminder that the ex-couple will always harbor romantic sentiments for one another as Paddy’s desire to stand by Chas develops into something more.

In an instant, Paddy and Chas get entangled. (Image: ITV)

Aaron (Danny Miller) fears that Chas is not accepting the reality of her operation when she only gives herself a two-week break on the Woolpack rota.

After a protracted conversation, Chas at last confides in a comforting Paddy about her worries regarding the procedure.

Paddy reassures Chas as she begins to fear the worst. Nevertheless, before Paddy realizes he’s made a grave error, the two start kissing as they become engrossed in the familiarity of the circumstance.

Chas is offended by the way hapless Paddy responds. Later, after experiencing guilt, Paddy tells Mandy that he kissed Chas, but he’s startled by her strangely silent response.

As she is escorted to the operating room at the hospital, Chas puts on a brave front for Aaron.

Where will the kiss leave Paddy while the family waits on word regarding Chas?

Is Mandy ready to move on based on her reaction, or will Paddy have to deal with the fallout later on?

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