Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Bob suffers a heart attack after punching Liam

Bob’s heart can’t take the excitement

According to tonight’s Emmerdale spoilers, Bob Hope had a heart attack after hitting Doctor Liam during a furious argument. Will Bob live, though?

Bob is still upset over Wendy and Liam’s relationship when this is happening. Bob gets angry and strikes Liam during yet another altercation.

Will he survive the subsequent heart attack, though?

Dan and Amelia are preparing for his future jail time somewhere. Can he maximize the time he has left with his family?

Angry Bob squares up to Doctor Liam (Credit: ITV)

Bob has a heart attack after punching Liam

Beginning the week, Bob is still furious over Wendy and Liam’s relationship. Liam is astonished when Wendy submits her letter of resignation at the office.

Wendy is grateful that Liam recognizes her point of view and is eager to mend her connection with Bob. However, Bob is feeling especially irritable after another run-in with Archie outside the B&B.

In a state of fury, Bob has to be restrained from further attacking Liam (Credit: ITV)

He gets diverted as he throws Archie’s football into the air by the sight of Wendy and Liam kissing. He assumes the relationship is back on the spot.

Bob strikes Liam in the face after getting angry. Then, despite the villagers’ best efforts to defuse the situation, Bob throws Archie’s football in Liam’s direction.

Bob had a heart attack right then. The stunned locals watch as Bob is taken away in an ambulance.

The village is in disarray as the blame game starts. Will Bob make it?

Following a heated confrontation, Bob’s heart gives out (Credit: ITV)

Chas has some words of wisdom for Dan

After their failed attempt to flee, the group has returned to the hamlet, and Amelia is worried about her father. She fears that he has lost all hope.

Dan shows up outside the Woolpack for a morning brew. When he enters, he informs Chas that today is Lloyd’s funeral.

Thanks to Chas’ words of encouragement and counsel, Dan reflects on the best ways to spend his time with Amelia. Can he maximize the time they have left together?

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