Emmerdale actor Liam Fox: Inside his personal life with wife and children

Emmerdale actor Liam Fox: Inside his personal life with wife and children. Picture: ITV/ Liam Fox/ Instagram

Liam Fox, an Emmerdale actor, was formerly wed to Hollyoaks actress Myra McQueen. He is married to a former co-star and has two kids.

Liam Fox, 53, is departing Emmerdale after 12 years because his character, Dan Spencer, is going to jail for a significant amount of time for punching to death his daughter’s stalker.

The actor made his ITV debut in 2011; however, he will bid farewell to The Dales this week as his character’s tale concludes in moments he has described as “very emotional.”

Outside of his work in Emmerdale, Liam is a father of two who now resides with his second wife Joanna Hudson, their two dogs, and their two cats.

Here is all the information you need to know about Liam Fox’s life outside of Emmerdale, including his relationships, children, and role.

Liam Fox and his wife Joanna Hudson. Picture: Liam Fox/Instagram

Who is Liam Fox’s wife?

Nicole Barber-Lane and Liam Fox were wed from 1999 until 2015. Hollyoaks character Myra McQueen made Nicole famous.

When they announced their separation, the couple issued a statement that said: “It is with great regret that we confirm the termination of our marriage, albeit our family unit is still intact.

“Our children and families will always be at the center of our lives, and that is what unites us.”

Liam Fox’s ex wife Nicole Barber-Lane pictured at the British Soap Awards, 2018. Picture: Getty

Liam rekindled his romance in 2017 with actress Joanna Hudson, whom he will marry in 2020.

For a brief while in 1972, Joanna played a lead role in 97 Minutes, The Bromley Boys, and Emmerdale.

Liam previously disclosed that although he originally met Joanna in 1993, they “only truly found each other” in 2017.

At the university where they first connected, they briefly dated.

Liam Fox and his wife pictured back in the 90s when they first met. Picture: Liam Fox/Instagram

Does Liam Fox have children?

It is thought that Liam Fox and his ex-wife Nicole Barber-Lane had two children together.

Why is Liam Fox leaving Emmerdale?

Liam Fox has commented about his final moments on the popular soap opera Emmerdale, however he hasn’t specifically stated why he is leaving the show.

Liam Fox’s character Dan Spencer will face jail after killing his daughter’s stalker with one punch. Picture: ITV

Before leaving, Liam commented to the media, “When I read the scripts, it was like: ‘Wow, this is awesome.'”

He’s kind of taking it all in and understanding that he’s going and receiving assistance from other villagers. There is some beautiful content.

“He enters the Woolpack before leaving, and Man Club is there and is really supporting him.

It’s extremely wonderful material and really nicely written. Reading it brought a few tears to my eyes, so it’s definitely extremely sentimental and nice. I consider myself quite fortunate to have such a script written for the narrative.

He continued, “He’s worried about how much longer he’ll get. I believe he is assuming he will receive three years, or something like.

He believes that he may be released from prison after 18 months, among other things. Nevertheless, can he handle 18 months? Do you think Dan can comprehend that?

“Whatever Dan does, he’s going to be a changed guy when he gets out, if he comes out. Dan is a person who will not get anything from prison.

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