Emmerdale spoilers: Worrying scenes for pregnant Belle Dingle in fire horror as death ‘sealed’

Belle Dingle is in terrifying danger on Emmerdale this week when she finds out she is pregnant and a fire begins in her house – will she make it out ok?

This week on Emmerdale, Belle Dingle discovers she is pregnant and her home catches fire. Will she survive? She is in grave danger.

When a fire breaks out on Emmerdale this week, Belle Dingle will be in grave danger.

The Dales resident has been having difficulties lately as a result of her recent marriage to the despicable Tom King. Belle has been subjected to coercive control by Tom, who has also gaslighted her and has even physically harmed her.

He keeps telling her that everything she is going through is her fault and not his, but she is determined to remain with him and is anxious to make their marriage work because she believes he can change.

The next week, Belle finds out she’s pregnant in some disturbing circumstances. While most people would be overjoyed to be pregnant, she conceals her pregnancy from Tom out of fear. Before Tom finally learns about the pregnancy, she attempts to explore her choices.

vile When Tom learns that Belle is pregnant, he stops screaming at her.

He is thrilled that they are expecting a child since he has always desired children, but Belle cries—and not joyful ones. Later, when Tom tells Rhona about the pregnancy, she is furious, but when Tom attempts to talk her out of it, she gradually comes around, and soon after, other locals find out about their news.

Belle, who is exhausted, chooses to snooze with Piper. As part of his abusive control tactics, Tom has locked her inside the home. However, while they are sleeping upstairs, Belle leaves the hob on, starting a fire in the kitchen. When a tea towel catches fire, will Belle and Piper escape unharmed?

For weeks, Tom has been abusing and dominating Belle; when she left to get mental health treatment, he even used gaslighting to trick her into going back to the Dales. Belle hurried home to be with her cherished pet after he got poor Piper sick in order to win her back.

Although she believes Piper has recovered quickly, viewers are aware that Tom had been injecting Piper as part of his ruse to make her sick. Fans have criticized the scenes as “too much” and threatened to “switch off” the ITV soap opera.

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