Emmerdale spoilers: Lydia lets rip at Samson amid grief over death

Lydia is undoubtedly unhappy. (Image from ITV)

Samson (Sam Hall) has made it obvious how he feels about being a Dingle in Emmerdale, even informing his father that the name and their holy code mean nothing to him. He’s unlikely to be given the benefit of the doubt in a fresh unsettling circumstance since his dad and stepmother are at their wits’ end.

Amelia (Daisy Campbell) is terrified that she has cancer after discovering a lump. As a new mother, all she can think about is how this would affect her child if it proves to be fatal. If Samson’s previous behaviour is any indication, she would like to avoid having her daughter raised by her father.

Amelia expresses her concern to Noah (Jack Downham), who tries to convince her that everything would be well and that he still wants to be a part of his and Esther’s lives. However, Amelia is too preoccupied to pay attention because of everything on her mind.

Later, under Lydia’s (Karen Blick) demand to discover why Amelia has been acting strangely, he divulges her health concerns, particularly how horribly Samson had once again acted. Lydia becomes enraged and attacks her stepson.

He was the mother of his kid; how could he be so callous? He has once again shown that he is a letdown and a complete disgrace to the family.

However, Samson’s defensiveness masks a vulnerability: hearing about Amelia’s disease has made him reflect on the death of his own mother.

Samson informs Sam that he has no intention of attempting to be a decent father to Esther despite being aware that there is a possibility she may lose her mother. He could never imitate Sam, so why even try? Will he be permanently excluded from the Dingles as a result of this choice?

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