Emmerdale spoilers: Suspicious Gabby confronts Nicky as he rushes wedding ahead 

Can Nicky find a way to escape this? (Image from ITV)

In future Emmerdale episodes, Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham), who is now on a cloud nine, genuinely starts to question Nicky Milligan’s (Lewis Cope) need to be married right away.

Since their first encounter at the interviews for the Home Farm nanny, Gabby hasn’t taken her eyes off Nicky. Nicky gave in to his impulses and consented to begin dating Gabby in secret after some deception from her.

Since things have progressed, Nicky and Gabby are now engaged, but we all know that Nicky doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life wed to someone he doesn’t really feel anything for.

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not understand why Nicky pretends to be in love with Gabby.

Caleb (William Ash) revealed that he is not only Frank Tate’s son but also Nicky’s father in a recent episode of the ITV soap opera.

In essence, Caleb’s elaborate vengeance scheme involves destroying Home Farm and Kim (Claire King). He’s definitely one step ahead in this game, but in addition to his own strategies, he’s also depending on Nicky to listen in on discussions between Kim, Will (Dean Andrews), and Gabby in order to gain information.

Coming up, Nicky proposes his idea to get married as soon as possible while still working as the nanny.

When Gabby challenges his logic, his plan backfires catastrophically, but what will he say?

Finding out that Caleb and Nicky are connected is practically only the beginning, Lewis Cope just said, hinting at what lies ahead when the protagonists engage in combat with Kim.

Why, however, are they there? Why are they doing that? Are they successful? How is it resolved? Everything else will be amazing as well! As you learn more about their motivations for living in the community, you also learn more about their relationship and way of life, which is incredibly fascinating.

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