Emmerdale star Charley Webb’s dramatic change after leaving ITV soap

Webb said that she will be joining the cast of the stage production Quiz, which is a dramatised version of the 2001 Who Wants to be a Millionaire? controversy.

As she gets ready for a new character part, Charley Webb, well known for her Emmerdale character Debbie Dingle, is hardly identifiable. On social media, the 35-year-old actress gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her stunning makeover.

Webb made her casting announcement earlier this year for the stage production Quiz, which is a dramatised version of the infamous Who Wants to be a Millionaire? controversy from 2001. She will be taking on the role of Diana Ingram, the quiz show cheater’s wife who was suspected of being Charles Ingram’s accomplice.

Fans have been teased by Webb with glimpses of her new Diana appearance. She displays her toned abs in a shot as she poses in front of a mirror while sporting a black crop top that fits tightly and a wig cap. She writes, “Wig cap and trackies for the foreseeable,” as the description for the photo, along with black jogging pants and basic jewellery. Take a peek.

Charley Webb left Emmerdale bacvk in 2021 on maternity leave ( Image: Mark Bruce)

Fans should know that Webb plays a variety of roles than this one. In addition, the actress disclosed that she would be making a comeback to television later this month with the new ITV drama The Long Shadow. Taking on the role of PC Anna Lawson, Webb will probe Peter Sutcliffe’s crimes in a seven-part series. The show, which will premiere at the end of September, will be Webb’s first to appear on TV since leaving Emmerdale in 2021.

The ITV soap star, who was well-known for her role before to taking maternity leave, has unexpectedly stated that she has no intentions to return. The drama is increased by the rumour that her husband, actor Matthew Wolfenden, who portrays David Metcalfe, is also about to leave the programme. Fans are getting ready to say goodbye to Metcalfe later this year after his role captivated them for 17 years.

Earlier this month, Wolfenden talked candidly about his leaving This Morning, adding, “You know what, I met my wife on the show, and we’ve had three kids.” It has provided me a family and an incredible work for the past eighteen years. To sum up, it has played a significant role in my life.”

Fans might still have hope, though, because he disclosed that “the door is left open and they’re not killing me off as promised.” That’s okay, I can tell you that.” He then on, “So, who knows, I might be back, but we’ll see.”

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