Emmerdale star was almost dropped after a few episodes – and nearly slept with soap brother

Things could’ve been very different! (Picture: ITV)

Rebecca Sarker has spoken candidly about her Emmerdale origin tale and how, but for a little alteration, her character might not be on screen right now.

In 2018, the actress joined the ITV serial opera as Manpreet Sharma. After that, she started dating Rishi (Bhasker Patel), wed him a year later, and had Jai (Chris Bisson) and Priya (Fiona Wade as stepchildren.

Additionally, Meena Jutla’s (Paige Sandhu) serial murderer plot had a significant role for Manpreet. Manpreet, the evil face’s sister, was subjected to Meena’s cruel tactics, which included keeping her captive and almost killing her with gas in a barn.

Manpreet’s love life has seen many ups and downs, so let’s put the dark side of her stay in the village aside.

That was not, however, going to be the case always.

Actress Rebecca Sarker recently spoke about how she got started on the ITV soap opera and how Manpreet may not be in the Dales today if the opening plot wasn’t adjusted at the last minute.

In the beginning, Manpreet was presented as Rishi’s romantic interest. There was a rumour early on that she would have an affair with his son, Jai. She told Inside Soap, “I’m glad they didn’t go down that route as it gave the character more longevity.” Originally, she was supposed to be a bit of a money digger and a temptress.

Manpreet almost focused on Jai, Rishi’s kid (Image: ITV).
Manpreet almost focused on Jai, Rishi’s kid (Image: ITV).

The actress then discussed the potential for Manpreet and Jai to have a sexual relationship, admitting that she would have found it a little odd given that she and Chris Bisson had previously portrayed the siblings Nita and Vikran Desai on Coronation Street!

“In addition, I was a little worried about our characters having an affair because Chris Bisson and I played brother and sister in Corrie 25 years ago,” she joked.

Manpreet and vicar Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) are now dating.

Last week, their lives drastically changed when Ethan (Emile John), Charles’ son, passed away unexpectedly.

Charles is now resolved to discover the truth since he believes Ruby Fox-Miligan (Beth Cordingly) was responsible for Ethan’s hit-and-run, which is the sole reason for his death.

Will Charles, however, find out and exact revenge?

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