Emmerdale spoilers: Mystery over Samson’s ‘death’ deepens as he is stabbed

Samson clings to Matty after he's been stabbed in Emmerdale
Things take a dark turn (Picture: ITV)

In future episodes of Emmerdale, a brawl at the HOP turns deadly as a new figure stirs up trouble and Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) has to battle for his life.

Josh, portrayed by Osian Morgan, who portrayed the very disturbed Myles Massey in Waterloo Road’s 12th season, is a new acquaintance that Samson has met. Samson and Josh want to take a road trip throughout Europe.

Karen Blick’s character Lydia hopes it won’t occur since Samson still has to pass his driving test and his automobile may not be fit for use on the road. Both obstacles are swiftly surmounted, as Samson passes his test and Cain (Jeff Hordley) approves the vehicle.

Josh initiates flirtatious behaviour with Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) as they travel to the HOP to celebrate with Samson. She informs him that she was just recently married and expresses discomfort with his interest. She makes the decision to go home early since Josh won’t quit bugging her.

A disgusting Josh begins mistreating Matty. (Image: ITV)

Josh gets called out on his actions by an enraged Matty (Ash Palmisciano), but things go ugly. Josh, who knows Matty is transgender, quickly accuses Matty of being transphobic by calling him by his deadname—a name he was given at birth but no longer uses—and making fun of him.

Reluctantly, Samson takes Josh back inside to give him a lesson when Matty refuses to be frightened.

Josh begins threatening Matty to give him the money in the till, which worsens the situation. Josh shoves Samson onto Matty, who is carrying a kitchen knife at the moment, because Matty naturally resists.

After being stabbed, Samson falls to the ground profusely bleeding. Josh accuses Matty of purposefully approaching them with the knife as he steps back.

Since he has Josh’s word against Josh in the event that Samson suffers a serious injury, Matty is scared to understand how awful things seem to be going for him.

Is Matty on his way to jail? Will Samson also pass away? Sam Hall seemed to refute rumours that he was departing the programme in a recent interview, stating, “He’s definitely not being killed off!” For him, several interesting tales are in the works.

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