Emmerdale surprise triple exit looms as Amelia makes drastic plan to save Dan

In forthcoming scenes, a distressed Amelia believes she has no alternative but to flee Emmerdale with baby Esther, and she quickly persuades her father Dan to accompany her as they go.

Next week in Emmerdale, things take an unexpected turn for Amelia and Dan as their growing anxiety about the future drives them to make snap judgments.

Will, however, their plan to flee with baby Esther be the right one?

Throughout the week, despite Dan’s best efforts to prepare for her future, Amelia is determined that she needs to pursue a different path and flee.
Dan objects to the concept and objects to her plan; nonetheless, Amelia is adamant that they can go to Ireland and remain as a family.

Dan is unsure of Amelia’s plans in Emmerdale

The next day, Amelia is upset that her father is going to prison and nearly harms Esther as a result.

Dan intervenes to save them just in time, and both of them are terrified that they may soon lose each other.

Dan begins to consider leaving with his daughter as he notices her growing anxiety and his own intense fear of going to prison.

Dan later asks for Cain’s help to go on the run (Image: ITV)

The following day, a frantic Dan confronts Cain and begs for his assistance in leaving the nation.

When Dan is able to convince Cain to change his mind, he does. Soon after, Dan tells Amelia their escape plan will go forward but cautions her not to tell anybody, not even Noah.

Despite her fear of what lies ahead, Amelia is adamant about doing this with her father.

Amelia and Dan’s plans start to come to fruition

Later, Cain gives Dan and Amelia ferry tickets, an outdated vehicle, and a burner phone in preparation for their intended flight to Ireland.

Everything becomes suddenly extremely real for the father and daughter as things come together.
As they leave Emmerdale as a trio, they exchange a dejected smile.

But did they make the correct choice, and should Dan be held accountable for his one-punch crime?

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