Coronation Street star shares thrill over returning after three years

Henry has come back. (Image from ITV)

George Banks’ Henry Newton is back on Coronation Street and ready to torment Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) once again.

Henry, Gemma’s ex-boyfriend, is related to the Newton and Ridley family, who hold a portion of the beer company.

Soon after Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) discloses that the pub is having financial difficulties but realizes that things may be rescued if the Newtons purchase the company from her, the locals need Henry’s assistance more than ever.

Additionally, he is Gemma’s supervisor, which causes issues for Chesney (Sam Aston), who has just recently wed Gemma.

It should be noted that Henry Newton will undoubtedly be busy over the next weeks, and George Banks, who received the call about returning, couldn’t wait to go back on the cobbles and continue the role:

He said, “I was really excited.”

You already know how much I enjoyed playing Henry; he is a really entertaining character to perform. Additionally, I had a great experience working on the show the previous time, and I miss everyone up there. I was thus excited about going back.

Unlikely as a pair, Henry and Gemma were. As part of a sadistic bet with his buddy, Henry began dating Gemma when we first met him in 2017.

He ultimately started a serious relationship with her, but George is aware that Henry’s previous affections for Gemma will still affect how he treats her:

I do believe that it has a romantic element for him, he said.

Gemma will also make an effort to get Henry to purchase the bar (Image: ITV).

“When you run into an old flame, you can’t help but think back on the good times you spent together before everything went south, which was his fault.” I do believe that with them as well, it goes deeper. I believe she gives him a sense of life. She helps him feel at ease with who he is, and he has never felt that way with anybody else.

To have someone serve as a reminder that you can be entertaining, polite, and capable of helping someone who is struggling. He finds it to be rather intoxicating. Those emotions do begin to return. But as the plot progresses, it will become clear whether or not he decides to take any action.

Henry and Gemma have begun a new work together (ITV image).

George acknowledges that his character sincerely wants to assist Jenny and the other Weatherfield residents, but isn’t putting the financial side of things first or considering if the bar could really continue operating under a new name.

He remarked, “I think the Rovers holds a special place in his heart for him, as it does for many of Corrie’s viewers.”

He appreciates visiting a location that his grandfather Cecil also liked since he has many happy memories there. In fact, I believe he has a soft spot for both his grandad and the Rovers. He has incredibly strong memories associated with both, and I don’t believe he was aware of it until now. He values that location a great deal.

“So yeah, I think he is really trying to help, I don’t know if he is thinking about the business side and his heart is kind of ruling his head,” I said.

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