Emmerdale viewers call out glaring blunders as fan favourite dealt pregnancy bombshell

Belle Dingle received the shock of a lifetime this Monday evening as she was told she was pregnant. But some viewers called out a continuity blunder as they commented the news.

On Monday, June 10, 2024, Emmerdale learned that Belle Dingle was expecting a child, but that disaster may be in store given her violent husband’s close proximity.

During tonight’s journey to the Dales, the beloved character from the soap opera Eden Taylor-Draper visited the GP and was informed by the nurse Wendy Posner (played by Susan Cookson) that she was expecting a child.

But after a quick conversation with the wedding coordinator, Wendy realised this was not a reason for celebration and started questioning her about her connection with Tom King (James Chase).

Belle remained silent and sidestepped Wendy’s questioning. Belle has been harassed mercilessly by the vet ever since they initially renewed their romance upon Tom’s return to the hamlet of the same name from Saudi Arabia. On X, soap opera watchers had a lot to say.

In tonight’s Emmerdale episode, Belle received the news that she was expecting a child.

“Belle is pregnant and doubt she will keep the baby Tom don’t deserve Belle and a baby!!” is one of the many fan memes from the Yorkshire-based programme that has many fans worried about death. “Oh my, Belle is pregnant by the “He Devil,” said another, and a third person echoed, saying, “Wait, belles pregnant NOOOOOOO.”

Another one wailed, “Bloody hell, Belle. When you weren’t pregnant, you had the opportunity to go. This strengthens her bond with Tom since he will be blabbing to anybody who would listen if he finds out.” Belle decided not to tell her husband about the pregnancy after learning she was expecting, however some viewers of the soap opera expressed worry about nurse Wendy’s credentials, while others brought up the fact that Belle had been punched by Tom a few weeks before, raising the possibility that her unborn child was in danger.

“Did Tom not punch Belle in the stomach a few weeks ago? “Surely she would have been pregnant by now?” said a spectator. “I’m not sure what’s worse,” another person commented. becoming Tom’s spawn pregnant or having Wendy inform you that you are Tom’s spawn pregnant. Belle is poor.” “Belle getting the bad news that she’s pregnant from Fake Nurse Wendy!” said one soap opera fan.

As previously stated, Tom has been harassing Belle for a number of months, and when she attempted to get medical attention for her mental health, he even gaslighted her.

In scenes that will debut on our screens next week, Tom is ecstatic to learn that Belle is expecting a child. However, the soon-to-be father accidentally spills the news to Rhona during a discussion, and word quickly gets out.

Unfortunately, danger is approaching as he leaves to lock Belle and her dog Piper in Dale Head as part of his controlling and coercive actions. As a tea towel catches fire in the kitchen and a fire breaks out, Belle and Piper take a sleep upstairs. Are Belle and Piper going to survive?

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