Emmerdale’s Cain and Moira Dingle could face ‘almost affair’ in shock twist with co-star

Emmerdale’s rocky couple Cain and Moira Dingle could face another challenge in the former of an ‘almost affair’ as soap star Jeff Hordley says they can stand conflict

The turbulent relationship between Cain and Moira Dingle is about to take another turn, Emmerdale actor Jeff Hordley has hinted.

The soap actor and his on-screen wife have undoubtedly faced their fair share of challenges, including infidelity, breakups, and pregnancies, but they have always managed to prevail.

Since they started dating on the soap opera in 2013, Jeff claims that Cain and Moira’s relationship is “stable,” but an affair could be imminent. We have a really solid relationship, so you can throw turmoil at us, he added. I do believe that stable marriages are necessary, though.

Despite the difficulties they have previously encountered, Jeff recently remarked to The Star, “I would want to create a plot that is an almost affair, like are they going?

The actress who portrays Manpreet Sharma, Rebecca Sarker, made the joke, “Maybe you and me?” before stating, “It’s cute and very dramatic, it’s not too much angst, it’s quite nice for people to just sit there and watch.”

Natalie J. Robb’s character, Moira, has been married twice, first to John, whom she wed in 1990, and then to Cain Dingle, whom she later began seeing and wed.

Despite the difficulties the family has experienced with Kyle and his court appearance, the couple has broken up a few times but recently has seemed more together than ever.

Since entering the soap opera in 2000, Cain’s love life has likewise been turbulent, with a number of relationships, extramarital affairs, pregnancies, and even incest. But his life away from the camera couldn’t be more unlike.

The Rhona Goskirk on the show co-star Zoe Henry, who is also 53 and from Crumpsall, Manchester, is married to the actor. She joined in 2001, but eight years later, when she returned as her persona, she became a staple in the Dales.

In a low-key wedding, Zoe and Jeff exchanged vows in 2003 at the historic Hedingham Castle in East Anglia, close to Sudbury. Zoe has talked about working with her spouse and how they support one another through challenging Emmerdale stories.

The Sun quoted her as saying, “It’s important to have a laugh in between takes so upsetting stories don’t get you down too much.”

Working on the same show as Jeff is beneficial since the other will fully understand if one of us is having a poor day.

Over the years, the couple has spoken up about their marriage in a number of interviews, with Zoe declaring that Jeff “couldn’t be less like a Dingle if he tried” in a 2022 appearance on ITV’s Lorraine.

The couple has two kids: a son named Stan was born in 2008, and a girl named Violet was born in 2005.

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