Emmerdale’s James Moore shocked by big Ryan twist: ‘I never saw that coming’

Ryan’s storyline looks at fatherhood (Picture: ITV)

In Emmerdale, James Moore’s character Ryan Stocks is still adjusting to the reality that his kid has returned to his life.

A few weeks prior, Ryan received confirmation from his girlfriend Gail (played by Rachel Gill-Davis) that their teenage son, Oscar, is hospitalized due to illness and requires a stem cell transplant as part of his further treatment.

We discovered that Gail and Ryan believed Oscar would have a better life with a different couple after becoming parents when they were quite young, so they placed him up for adoption. Ryan first found it difficult to accept Gail’s news, but thankfully, future episodes will see him becoming closer to Oscar while he is in the hospital.

James Moore has been talking to Metro.co.uk about this storyline’s progression and what’s in store for Ryan, including his reaction upon learning that his character is indeed a parent.

“I was thrilled to see Gail return as I had worked with her when I first started there, which was probably three or four years ago.” We got along great, and I had a great time working with her, so I was thrilled to hear that she would be returning for this. Then we learned that Ryan and Gail had given birth to a boy some time ago, and I was like, “Wow, I never saw that coming.”

“This is completely unfamiliar for Ryan,” he continued.

I can somewhat relate to Ryan’s situation since it’s like learning that your 13- or 14-year-old child, whom you haven’t seen in a long time, is in the hospital. You would have to take some time to adjust to it since it would be shocking. The experiences Ryan is going through are quite emotionally taxing. These upcoming sequences will be incredibly real, genuine, and emotional.

Scenes like those, in my opinion, are crucial since they greatly enhance the work’s humanity. How individuals would actually experience this scenario on a very emotional level.

Gail secretly met up with Sophie, who told her about Oscar being unwell (Picture: ITV)

James remarked, “He [Ryan] had a hard time with meeting Oscar and him being sick because he’s battling his own internal fear he has where he thinks Oscar will reject him because of his disability because that’s what he’s experienced so he’s got that internalized fear of that happening again.” In reference to Ryan’s initial response to Oscar’s return, James explained. I believe he has been thinking about that for a while.

James went on to say that although Ryan had shared these ideas, it hadn’t really helped allay his worries: “It seems to be dwindling at times, but it’s more like a push and pull that comes and goes.” He claimed that in addition to Ryan’s guilt, it might be difficult to tell where he stands on Oscar at times.

He believes that by forsaking Oscar, he would be “abandoning my child.” He has the same shame and terror. Not only is he disabled, but he also worries about what Oscar will think of him.

Ryan struggled to accept the news about Oscar (Picture: ITV)

Gail will clarify in upcoming episodes of the ITV soap opera whether or not she matches Oscar’s transplant requirement.

James stated, “I think he definitely feels the fear,” disclosing Ryan’s anxieties about the impending procedure.

“He’s definitely feeling it underneath, maybe because of her anxieties to some extent, but he would have to keep it together for Gail’s sake.”

Ryan gets to spend time with Oscar as Gail’s thoughts shift to the surgery. Things seem a little uncomfortable at first, but the ice starts to melt as the talk turns to music.

Ryan and Gail chat to Oscar at hospital (Picture: ITV)

“I believe there must be some relief in his finally being able to come out from behind that shell, which he mostly put on himself.” When he realizes that it doesn’t have to be a huge problem and that he can just sit there and have a chat, he suddenly stops considering the bigger picture. That seems to be really helpful.

Additionally, it provides Ryan a personality and a face for Oscar. He’s now beginning to realize who Oscar truly is, despite all of his worries and misgivings about him.

James teased Ryan and Gail’s future by implying that Oscar’s adoptive mother Sophie (Martha Cope) would cause them some problems:

One thing we can anticipate is that Ryan and Gail could get close to their son. They haven’t actually seen him in maybe 13 or 14 years, so there will be a lot of catching up to do. The problem is that they’re unsure of Sophie’s (the adoptive mother’s) thoughts on it.

She is unsure about the idea’s viability. There’s concern that Ryan and Gail will take her position.

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