Emmerdale spoilers: Sex scandal as Jacob and Victoria sleep together

David has no idea (Picture: ITV)

David (Matthew Wolfenden) in Emmerdale has been reviving his love for his former partner Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) in recent weeks, even fooling himself into thinking they may have a spark after all. He has no idea that his son is the one igniting Victoria’s fire.

David uses online dating as a means of suppressing his feelings when Victoria makes it quite obvious that she is not interested. He goes on a first date with Abby, but being the typical fumbling David discovers that he’s committed to the second date rather than just telling her he’s not interested.

He calls on Joe-Warren Plant’s character Jacob to help him get out of it, but Jacob, who has a more conscience than his father, can’t bring himself to leave Abby alone and invites her out for a drink. In Victoria, this makes the green-eyed monster roar.

After Jacob bids Abby farewell, a jealous Vic initiates contact. Before Vic realizes how serious her actions are, the two lock lips and things get steamy. Jacob feels anything but rejected as she pulls away and flees.

David awkwardly finds himself in the same situation after mistaking some of her nice remarks for anything more. an additional degree of intricacy.

Later, when Jacob runs into Victoria, she finds it difficult to let him go, so he gives her another kiss. Though it’s obvious that these two irascible people are in love, they’re not even making an effort to restrain themselves from acting inappropriately.

David wants to reunite with Vic (Picture: ITV)

David, however, is still very much focused on his ex, and Pollard’s attempts to encourage him to move on are met with resistance. Now he’s determined to get her back.

However, he arrives too late—one lustful evening too late—as Vic and Jacob’s kiss completes the transaction. David is more motivated than ever to rekindle things, but he is unaware that his son is his rival.

The morning following her and Jacob’s bedroom antics, he goes to visit her. Will their betrayal lead to David’s leave storyline?

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