Emmerdale’s Louise Jameson reveals what she would do in Mary’s nude pic situation

Louise is aware of her course of action in Mary’s predicament. (Images courtesy of Mike Marsland/ITV/WireImage)

In future Emmerdale scenes, Mary Goskirk (Louise Jameson) will confront her con artist ex Faye, and she will be shocked by the encounter.

Mary will be persuaded to modify her statement by Faye, who has been detained after duping Mary out of thousands of pounds and leaving her for dead, by telling her a sob tale about how her life is going.

When Mary isn’t convinced by her tale, things go heated when she admits that she still has one of Mary’s private images.

When Faye threatens to circulate the photo if Mary doesn’t alter her witness testimony, Mary is terrified and at a loss for what to do.

Louise Jameson, who plays Mary, knows precisely what she would do if she were in Mary’s shoes, despite the fact that Mary is conflicted by the circumstance.

Personally, I would come out and say it. Louise said, “I think she should go for Faye’s throat.

That’s why so many rape victims come out, isn’t it? It’s not for them; it’s to save other women who could find themselves in a similar circumstance. Consequently, there is a sisterhood that is developing.

Louise acknowledged that it was “sad” that Mary’s love interest was a con artist, but she applauded the authors for bringing the issue to light.

Mary’s naked pictures might be shared, according to Faye (ITV image).

“What a creative plot the writers came up with. The issue of elderly persons being conned is crucial. Because you live alone, are over 70, aren’t especially internet savvy, and are therefore quite susceptible in that circumstance.

Those of us who are in our third act of life need to be extremely vigilant against scams. If you have even the slightest uncertainty about a phone call, email, or text, I would advise you to ask a neighbour, a relative, or a fellow customer at the bar, “Is this legitimate?” Allow someone else to review it.

I consistently do it. My son and a close buddy who handles all of my technological matters review my emails. I frequently write him asking, “Is this a scam? Do I just disregard this?”

They are able to dial my son’s number and claim to have misplaced their phone. Would you be able to deposit £200 into this bank account? sounded just like your kids. Though I haven’t experienced it myself, I am aware of it. Terrifying.’

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