Emmerdale spoilers: Arthur shattered as he loses his first love and our hearts are breaking

Please know that we do not like this (image courtesy of ITV).

Our tiny hearts can’t handle the drama as one of the biggest Emmerdale love stories since Robron’s era is ready to come crumbling down.

We have been pulling for Arthur and Marshall ever since they first laid eyes on one other, but regrettably, their love story has taken a devastating turn.

Watching Arthur (Alfie Clarke) and Marshall (Max Fletcher) go through an amazing journey of coming out and becoming each other’s first real loves has been the most wonderful thing.

Due to his staunchly held religious beliefs, Marshall’s homophobic father nearly put a stop to the romance between the two youngsters. Then Arthur’s goal was to save Marshall once it was found how cruel Colin was to him.

Marshall first requested that they just stay friends while he got used to life, but Arthur thought that now that Marshall was comfortably living with Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy), they could start dating.

But ultimately the guys went on their first date, and although being somewhat disastrous, it was very gorgeous. Since then, their relationship has flourished, but when Marshall’s Aunt enters the picture, everything is about to change.

Please pardon us while we go cry. (Image from ITV)

When Marshall informs Arthur that he wants to end things, Arthur is brutally shaken. They won’t be able to carry on as they are since he is moving in with relatives. After giving Arthur one more embrace and thanking Laurel for everything she’s done, Marshall departs for his new life.

The end of that. Was his decision influenced by remorse for the family cancelling their vacation to Australia for him? Does he feel like a burden and is leaving for good?

Arthur is left in tears as a result of his suffering, and his ignorant sister Gabby (Rosie Bentham) makes matters worse by barging in and taking centre stage. How will Arthur handle this loss after all that he and Marshall have gone through?

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