Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry admits controversial storyline has been ‘exhausting and draining’

It is a soap first (Picture: ITV)

In a contentious plot that has seen Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) go to great efforts to keep the child she is certain is hers, Emmerdale is presently venturing into new territory.

After her father, Gus Malcolms (Alan McKenna), deceitfully used a frozen embryo that had been kept in storage during his marriage to Rhona, baby Ivy was born. As things stand, Rhona does not have any legal rights over the kid since she did not give birth to her, even though she is the baby’s genetic mother.

Since the baby’s birth, Rhona has had a deep connection with her, and her affection for the infant grew when she had to take care of him when Gus was unable to. Rhona ran away with Ivy and hid out when it seemed like she could lose the child, which led to charges of kidnapping against her.

Emmerdale has developed this plot over a number of months, illustrating how difficult and stressful the circumstances have been for all those involved.

“When you’re in a situation like that, there are no winners at the end of the day,” Zoe Henry told us, adding that she had liked acting out the situation’s intricacies.

She said, “There are so many angles you can take on it.” “It’s contentious, and people like that you can be on anyone’s side at any time, you know?”

The actress, who has been a long-running character on Emmerdale since 2001, believed that just because Rhona was a well-known figure, people wouldn’t automatically feel sympathy for her.

People seem to fluctuate between scenes and episodes, which she attributed to the authors’ skill in crafting the trip that we have all taken and continue to take. “I don’t believe Rhona receives any preferential treatment in this circumstance due to her longer tenure than mine.” All I can think of is a moral conundrum. People are interested in it, perplexed by it, and involved in it.

The situation with Rhona and Gus is incredibly complex (Picture: ITV)

It’s been challenging but gratifying for the performers who had to go through all of these emotional situations, according to Zoe.

It’s draining. “I’ll say that,” she agreed.

However, I believe that most of us are very excellent at leaving work at work and letting go of it; in my opinion, this is crucial, especially now since soap operas are so fast-paced and full of material.

In a single day, you shoot a lot of material. It’s usually enjoyable, but it may also be quite taxing. Because I believe we are all deeply engaged in this narrative, I believe we all feel really lucky to be sharing it. Yes, it is tiring, but we are paid to do this, right?

The two infants who have been portraying Ivy in this narrative are another element that makes the actors’ working day go more smoothly. In fact, Zoe informed us that working with the newborns may become “territorial” since they love it so much.

“We have two small children, and they are both a complete joy,” she said. We all get a little territorial, too. “Alan, you’ve been hogging that baby,” I’ll say. Would you kindly turn her over? Yes, it does happen quite a bit. The two of them are quite dreamlike.

It’s the finest! To be honest, I get animals and infants [acting like a vet]. Simply said, my job is the finest.

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