Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins reveals Charity’s huge decision for the future over her ‘hellhole of a life’

It’s been a horrific few months for Charity (Picture: ITV)

In Emmerdale, Charity Dingle’s (Emma Atkins) mental state has gotten to a crisis point. She fought the agony of knowing she had murdered a man for months, replaying the incident every time there was a loud noise, having panic attacks, and being unable to sleep until at last she lost it and unintentionally stabbed Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb).

Following this, Charity is completely shattered. She attempts to keep everyone she loves away from her out of fear that she may harm someone else. Emma Atkins informed us that Cain (Jeff Hordley) is the one who ultimately succeeds in reaching her.

She kind of shuts herself off, but Cain enters the home and talks her out of it a little by stating, “We need to pull rank, we need to involve the family.” You must receive assistance and emerge from your shell.

“I can’t be with anyone, I can’t be near anyone, I don’t trust myself,” she says to him as they stroll through the woods.

Charity at last asks for assistance (Image: ITV)

Cain suggests that she think about going to therapy, stating that it was helpful for his son Kyle (Huey Quinn) in a similar circumstance after his killing of Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

Charity is first hesitant, as Emma explained. “”As if I can unravel this hellhole of my life to someone, you know?,” she exclaims. I just cannot stop myself from unravelling once I start. All she’s doing is attempting to deny that she really needs assistance.

Charity ultimately consents to visit a psychologist despite her reservations, and Emma informed us about the “amazing” therapy session that takes place.

The story opens with Charity living in total denial and acting quite rudely and sarcastically towards a wonderful lady who is attempting to help her find a way in and open doors to healing, but every time she tries, Charity stops her.

Then, in a sense, it’s nice because the therapist suggests talking about a pleasant childhood memory or a pet that the patient may have had. “Oh, I had a dog when I was a kid,” she replies. The adventure then begins as she immediately returns to the dog and notices how the dog has vanished out of the picture. Furthermore, why does the dog vanish?

Yes, due to the father. Why is the dog being taken away by the father? Everything begins to go apart because of her problems with her father.

Emma said that while Charity’s present dilemma stemmed from Harry’s death, a lot of material from Charity’s tragic history is also brought up in the therapy session.

Even though she’s now going through a terrible time, I believe that her background has a great deal of PTSD tied to it. So, I suppose everything is significant.

Emma said that the treatment also helped her recognise how much she may have lost and how much she loves Mack.

She believes that she has started to fully let go, love, and let her guard down for Mack, and it’s a great episode to talk about how much she actually loves him.

“And she feels like she’s ruined everything and lost his trust, even though this person is perfect for her.”

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