EMMERWAIL Angelica King’s prison sentence revealed as she finally faces justice for Heath’s death in Emmerdale

The teen is being sent to a secure children’s home.

Two months after the incident, the time has come for Angelica King to make amends for her role in Heath Hope’s demise.

The teenage girl played by Rebecca Bakes in Emmerdale gets her punishment next week. How are her parents and she going to handle it all?

Nicola and Jimmy King are beside themselves next weekCredit: ITV
Their daughter Angelica is sentenced for her involvement in Heath Hope’s deathCredit: ITV
How will they cope?Credit: ITV

Angelica King acknowledged that she was operating Wendy Posner’s pilfered vehicle when she, Cathy, and Heath Hope were involved in an accident.

Although the two girls managed to survive, Heath passed away due to his injuries, prompting the police to investigate his true cause of death.

Cathy was first held responsible until Angelica’s moral dilemma became too great for her to ignore.

Angelica ultimately finds out what will happen to her when she is sentenced for her role in Heath’s death in scenes that will air on ITV next week.

As she prepares to leave the titular village for prison, her parents, Nicola and Jimmy King (played by Nicola Wheeler and Nick Miles, respectively), are having a difficult time coping.

As he approaches, Jimmy finds it difficult to cheer himself up as he muses over Angel’s almost definite departure.

When Angel bids her family farewell in an emotional way, her parents fight back tears.

She is moved later that morning when Heath’s father Bob (Tony Audenshaw) is able to comfort her.

When the judge condemns the teenager to eight months in a secure children’s home, Angel, Nicola, and Jimmy are horrified.

While Bob is moved to tears as he reads Angel’s letter, Nicola breaks down because she cannot fathom her daughter’s suffering.

Later that night, when Angel phones in distressed, Nicola tries to gather herself.

Nicola struggles with her own helplessness and breaks down when she is unable to assist her daughter.

An affective Later, Nicola visits the B&B and apologizes to Bob.

A warming moment occurs as the two lend support to one another during their mutual sadness.

However, what will Angelica do during her stay in the safe children’s home?

Angelica King revealed to Belle Dingle in recent scenes of the Yorkshire-based show that she was afraid her custodial sentence would force her to lose control.

With her personal experience in a safe children’s home—where she had been placed due to the murder of her rival Gemma Andrews—Belle (Eden Taylor-Draper) made an effort to assist Angelica.

But after leaving the facility, Belle was given a schizophrenia diagnosis because she had been experiencing hallucinations, most of which included her late mother Lisa.

Is Angelica aware of a comparable outcome?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

Heath died on New Year’s DayCredit: ITV
His twin sister Cathy was originally blamed for the tragedyCredit: ITV

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