FAMILY FEUD Caleb Miligan humiliated as the Dingles take revenge with devastating consequences in Emmerdale

Cain, Nate and Aaron take action.

Caleb Miligan, who was exposed for having an affair with Tracy Robinson, has been frantically trying to win back the Dingles’ favor.

Sadly, he learns via the renowned Emmerdale clan that the bridge has been destroyed in an astonishing act of retaliation.

Nate Robinson intends to make Caleb pay for destroying his marriageCredit: ITV
Tracy and Caleb had an affair for several monthsCredit: ITV
Cain and Aaron help Nate get revengeCredit: ITV

Will Ash’s character, Caleb Miligan, is suffering greatly as a result of his most recent betrayal, which occurred only weeks after Ruby Fox-Miligan, his wife, called him out on his infidelity with Tracy Robinson.

Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter), who was informed of the affair during Belle and Tom King’s wedding, was furious.

However, in scenes that will premiere on ITV next week, the handsome man becomes overcome with a fierce, unadulterated wrath when Moira Dingle and his father Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) push him to go back to work and assert his rights as a partner in the automotive company.

Despite Ruby’s skeptical remarks, Caleb is open to the idea but claims he needs more time to arrange the accounts so he can show Nate, which makes his wife suspicious.

Ruby soon admits that she believes Caleb is concealing something about the finances of the auto firm, and he grudgingly consents to show her everything.

Later, in an effort to make things right, Caleb tries to talk to Nate about the company. However, the hottie is not interested in talking to his uncle anymore and threatens him if he presses the issue.

Concerned, Caleb observes with curiosity while Kim Tate (Claire King), another of his enemies, looks on.

The businesswoman then discovers that Ruby (Beth Cordingly) is still intent on making Caleb suffer for his infidelity, and she finds a method to agitate Nate.

Nate approaches Caleb and asks to be bought out of the company as soon as he hears him speaking with Tracy (Amy Walsh).

Kim is happy as she sees Nate resort to violence after an irate Caleb says he can’t.

After being dragged away from Cain, Nate is devastated to learn that his daughter Frankie has seen his aggressiveness. The event leaves Nate feeling as if no one is interested in him.

Cain worries because he knows his son is seeking retribution desperately and is at a loss about what to do next.

In other sequences, Danny Miller’s character Aaron Dingle takes the lead in stirring things up by pushing Nate to get revenge on Caleb.

But when Nate asks the troublemaker to assist in stealing some of the company’s vehicles, he becomes apprehensive.

After an intense argument with his uncle Cain, Aaron feels bad and departs, but he can tell that Nate is determined to carry out the plan.

Later at Butlers, Aaron approaches a reticent Cain about Nate. Offering him the potential for retaliation and the motivation to support his son, the Dales tough guy is resolved to accompany his nephew and aid with Nate’s scheme to steal cars.

Aaron and Cain get one step closer to calling off their violent conflict as Nate leaves with the last of Caleb’s pilfered vehicles.

After getting carried away, Nate informs them that he has another idea about Caleb’s automobile.

After learning that his automobiles have been stolen, Caleb is harassed at Mill Cottage by Ruby, who is angry at him for his emotional betrayal of Tracy.

Despite his attempts to soothe her, Ruby is adamant and asks that he turn Tracy against him.

As he departs to talk on the phone, Caleb leaves Ruby feeling abandoned and hurt.

He finds Nate outside and gives him the Bentley emblem, explaining that it’s all that’s left of his car since it was crushed.

Upon realizing that Aaron and Cain are accountable for the thefts, Caleb is shocked to see them.

Their laughing humiliates him even more, and Ruby cuts right to the center of him.

Caleb is already having trouble with the insurance company because of his stolen automobiles, so he becomes even more scared when Ruby, who is trying to hurt him, says he should sabotage today’s nursery presentation to show that she is the one he really loves, not Tracy.

It will be remembered by viewers that Caleb almost lost his life when his initial attempt to steal the Tate family riches was uncovered.

It was Nicky Miligan, Caleb’s own son, who had pushed him over a ravine in the woods near the settlement of the same name.

Even while he made it through, there’s no assurance that his present journey will end the same, especially because Ruby and Kim are involved.

Could Caleb be headed for death?

Or will he use his own cunning scheme to get back at them?

ITV broadcasts Emmerdale weeknights at 7:30 p.m.

Ruby is whispering in Caleb’s earCredit: ITV
But could she Caleb’s main enemy in weeks to come?Credit: ITV

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