ITV Emmerdale’s Ruby and Kim eye up new targets as they plot Caleb’s downfall

Emmerdale residents may want to watch out, as scheming Ruby Fox-Miligan and Kim Tate are out to get multiple characters

Next week, Emmerdale fans will see a change in the ITV soap opera as two more locals become targets of Ruby Fox-Miligan and Kim Tate’s covert scheme against Caleb Miligan.

Residents of Emmerdale should be on the lookout for cunning Kim Tate and Ruby Fox-Miligan, who are pursuing numerous personalities.

It seems that in future scenes, the couple will target two more residents as part of their scheme to eliminate Ruby’s spouse, Caleb Miligan. Ruby focuses on her man’s “other woman,” while Kim looks for a chance to agitate a different character so she may get closer to Caleb.

In a recent episode, Ruby requested Kim to assist her in getting rid of Caleb after the Dingles discovered his affair with Tracy Metcalfe. New spoilers indicate that Tracy’s husband Nate Robinson was planning retaliation after learning of his uncle Caleb’s infidelity with his wife.

However, it seems that he becomes a pawn in Kim and Ruby’s games because of Kim’s previous conflict with Caleb. Kim is prepared for retaliation, while Ruby intends to isolate him from everyone and first wants him to leave the community before requesting all of his money.

Emmerdale’s Ruby sets her sights on Tracy ( Image: ITV)

A year earlier, Caleb attempted to pilfer all that Kim possessed, having been exposed as the long-hidden son of Kim’s former partner, Frank Tate. Now that Ruby has finally taken down her spouse, Kim is prepared to assist in defrauding Caleb.

Next week, however, when their scheme becomes more elaborate, it’s Nate and Tracy who find themselves in the crossfire again. Ruby becomes enraged at seeing Caleb conversing with Tracy again and acts out of jealousy.

In the midst of her ambitious business plans, she begs Caleb to destroy Tracy’s nursery presentation in order to demonstrate his dedication to her. Will Tracy pay the price for her affair, and will Caleb follow through with it?

Nate is left riled up ( Image: ITV)

Kim, on the other hand, starts to play with Nate’s head. He is already having trouble, so when Kim purposefully presses his buttons to make him respond, he becomes much more agitated.

Will Ruby and Kim’s targets, Nate and Tracy, realize what’s happening, or will Ruby and Kim achieve their intended outcome? Caleb isn’t going to win anybody over any time soon, but can he ever come to terms with the fact that his wife doesn’t support him?

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