ITV Coronation Street fans baffled over ‘missing’ scene as Roy Cropper finally freed

Thursday night’s “missing” scene on Coronation Street left viewers perplexed as Roy Cropper was ultimately set free and the identity of Lauren Bolton’s true killer was disclosed.

The’missing’ sequence on Coronation Street on Thursday night, when Roy Cropper was finally set free, left many perplexed.

Roy Cropper was wrongfully detained, accused, and deemed the prime suspect in the alleged murder of Lauren, a missing adolescent, only a short time ago. Fans of the soap opera will remember that earlier this year, troubled youngster Lauren unexpectedly departed the cobbles. Her pal Bobby was alarmed to discover Lauren’s flat unlocked and missing.

The audience never saw Lauren go, and it appears that she only notified Roy and a few close friends about her intention to depart Weatherfield. Bobby called the police to report Lauren missing, and since Roy is a kind person, people have been suspicious of him. This is especially true after Roy was seen innocently cleaning Lauren’s flat, which some believed to be evidence of his guilt. Since then, internet sleuths have attacked Roy online, making his life miserable.

Because of his past with Lauren and her father Reece Bolton, the villainous Griff Reynolds—who was just sent to the same prison as Roy—tried to coerce the innocent café owner into confessing on Thursday’s episode. As viewers will remember, Griff and Reece co-led an extreme right-wing group, and they utilised Lauren, Reece’s daughter, to persuade Max Turner to join them.

When Roy Cropper was eventually let free on Thursday night, Coronation Street viewers were left perplexed by a “missing” scene (Image: ITV).

Griff tried to use a weapon to force Roy, who he had imprisoned, to admit to killing Lauren, but the café owner resisted and hurriedly called for assistance. Griff tried to break into the cell while pretending that Roy was the one holding the weapon when the cops placed the facility under lockdown. Roy sought to talk with his niece Nina Lucas, thinking it was his last moments. While they were on the phone, Griff tried to attack Roy since Nina had just disclosed that Nathan Curtis had been charged with Lauren’s murder and was therefore free.

After then, the cops broke into the cell, saving Roy, and hauled Griff out. The image changed to Roy stepping out of prison, where Nina and lawyer Dee-Dee Bailey greeted him as music played over the top. Roy then started crying after discovering his fate. Abruptly, the scene switched to Roy at the café, celebrating his liberation with his loved ones.

But soon after Joel Deering left the festivities and made his way to his car—which teenage Hope Stape had been washing as part of her fundraising efforts for the theatre group Little Big Shotz—it became clear who Lauren’s true killer was. It was revealed to be Lauren’s necklace, and in a shocking turn of events, Hope stated that she had discovered a necklace under his car seat when cleaning.

This set off a horrific memory in which Joel attacked Lauren, leaving her bleeding and lifeless, and then he looked at himself in the mirror, trembling and rubbing his shocked face repeatedly. Joel snatched Lauren’s jewellery off the side as he ran out of the flat. Following the flashback, a frightening Joel was seen tinkering with the necklace on the cobblestones and then gazing off into the distance. Will Joel be apprehended now that Nathan has been detained, and who else is in danger?

Reacting to the scenes on Twitter, now X, fans were confused by Roy’s swift release from prison and wondered whether they had missed something. “I really don’t think Roy would get out the same day,” someone replied. He would undoubtedly have to appear in court and be subjected to an interrogation regarding Griff. Another user made fun of #Corrie, writing, “#corrie #coronationstreet Someone more said, “This has gone very Shawshank Redemption?? Don’t ever use teleporting again.” #Corrie “Another said, “There’s no way he would be let go that quickly. #Corrie.

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