ITV Coronation Street fans ‘prove’ Joel is Lauren’s mystery ex-boyfriend with flower clue

Coronation Street fans think they’ve solved the real identity of missing Lauren Bolton’s ex-boyfriend (Image: ITV)

After discovering a clue involving fellow newbie Joel Deering, Corrie watchers are certain they have figured out who Lauren Bolton’s secret ex-boyfriend is on the ITV soap opera during her disappearance.

Fans of Coronation Street believe they have figured out who the missing Lauren Bolton’s ex-boyfriend really is.

After weeks of suffering, the adolescent seems to be gone, and admirers are afraid that her mysterious ex has abducted her. Although the boyfriend’s name is unknown, we do know that they have abused Lauren.

What seemed to be them bringing her on opulent outings, giving her money and pricey presents, soon became a nightmare for the girl. She can be seen urging the guy to stop giving her presents while ignoring his calls and persistent texts.

They even paid her a visit in a recent episode before bruises appeared on her body, and Lauren disappeared a few days later. Some viewers think a hint in a recent show might reveal Joel Deering is the mystery ex, despite followers thinking she’s been taken.

After his secret life was revealed, the character is now dealing with his own issues. When it was discovered that her boyfriend had a hidden wife and kid, Dee-Dee Bailey was devastated.

Corrie viewers are convinced they have worked out who Lauren Bolton’s mystery ex-boyfriend is ( Image: ITV)

After exhibiting suspicious behavior for weeks, Joel was compelled to come clean because of the evidence that suggested he was lying. Joel, however, eventually revealed the truth to Dee-Dee on Wednesday after meetings with an enigmatic lady called Emily.

His wife is Emily; the two are said to be divorcing and to be separated. He said that his young child was a year old and that they had broken up eighteen months before.

Before they broke up, he informed Dee-Dee that things weren’t working out for him and his wife, but they tried again once she became pregnant. Joel said he had no more secrets to reveal, but Dee-Dee wasn’t sure if she could forgive him.

Fans, however, are unsure and think he may be Lauren’s mysterious ex who has been abusing and torturing her. Lauren received what seemed to be an expensive arrangement of flowers on a recent episode.

Some observers thought Dee-Dee received the exact same bouquet of roses that same week. Upon seeing this, numerous people speculated as to whether Joel was Lauren’s mystery guy in a big way.

Joel was forced to confess the truth after weeks of suspicious behaviour ( Image: ITV)

A viewer speculated on the internet: “Maybe completely wrong but did you notice Dee Dee and Lauren received same bouquet of flowers making me wonder if the guy seeing Dee Dee is the same guy abusing Lauren.” After seeing the same occurrence, several fans concurred with this theory.

In order to learn Lauren’s current situation and the identity of her ex, viewers will have to wait and watch. Next week’s spoilers indicate that she is still absent, which worries her close pals. However, what has happened to Lauren and where is she?

Fans undoubtedly thought so, wondering whether her enigmatic ex had abducted her and was holding her captive. One admirer wrote on X, saying, “Damn. “The man abusing Lauren took her hostage?”

A third person added, “Reckon Lauren’s dodgy mystery man has taken her,” while another said, “I think someone has abducted Lauren.” “Has Lauren been kidnapped by the boyfriend??” tweeted a fourth viewer. “WHERE IS LAUREN?!,” exclaimed the sixth. EX KIDNAP HER, DID SHE? IS SHE ALRIGHT?

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