SING OUT JODIE Coronation Street’s Jodie Prenger reveals how late pal Paul O’Grady inspired huge new job

JODIE is taking on a huge new role for one night only

The cast of Coronation Street, Jodie Prenger, has disclosed how her late friend Paul O’Grady encouraged her to embark on her most recent job.

In order to generate money for the Manchester Hope Mill Theatre, the actress—who portrays Glenda Shuttleworth in the ITV soap opera—is organizing a concert performance of the musical Gypsy.

Jodie Prenger has revealed how Paul O’Grady convinced her to take on her new roleCredit: ITV
Paul was a huge supporter of the theatreCredit: Getty – Contributor

She has also spoken up about how Paul, who tragically passed away last year, encouraged her to play Mama Rose in the beloved series.

For this weekend’s concert at the Manchester Opera House, she will be performing with celebrities including EastEnders actress Harriet Thorpe, Tom Lister from Emmerdale, and co-star Peter Gunn from Corrie.

And the late Lily Savage mythology is what’s made it all come together.

“It’s just, lyrically, one of Sondheim’s just brilliant pieces,” Jodie said, “and, selfishly, I think this came about with the boys.” She added that the orchestra consists of twenty-five players.

I’m not sure how much of this is known, but it started… He was still wearing his ore!… Paul O’Grady advised me to proceed. Thus, it’s one of the programs they have chosen to produce.

Yes, yes, yes. They were discussing it when he said, “Our Jodie should do it.” He calls us that often. Thus, it’s a hint in his direction, but our main goal is to collect a large sum of money to support them since they are outstanding.

“Well, I’ve been involved with Hope Mill for a bit,” Jodie said.

“There, we performed Jonathan Harvey’s Hushabye Mountain, and afterwards, we participated in Maureen Lipman’s fundraiser.”

“They are just two boys who get it. They want theater to continue and Manchester to remain a major center for new theater while also honoring the history of theater; they don’t want it for the big country house, they want it for the community.”

That explains why I seem this way! You know, I’ve been practicing this morning and I put my hair up and curled it for today, just like I do for the females.

“I’m unable to keep up with the children! They were doing a lot of Broadway shows, but let’s face it—while they have raised a good amount of money so far, the tickets are still expensive.

“It is only to preserve that creative center. However, the guys at Hope Mill are really amazing, they truly are.

Hope Mill Theatre is selling tickets for the event on Sunday, February 25.

Jodie leads an all-star cast for the fundraising showCredit: Instagram

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