ITV Coronation Street tease Lauren’s brutal final moments in new clip

Lauren’s final moments and the identity of her ‘killer’ are soon to be revealed

Coronation Street has released a new clip ahead of Thursday’s huge episode (Image: ITV)

The iconic ITV soap opera Coronation Street has hinted at Lauren Bolton’s last moments, revealing the events leading up to her alleged murder.

The whole sequence of the flashback, which shows Lauren being attacked by her mysterious “killer,” is set to air tonight (Thursday, May 30), according to the Mirror. Finally, the truth about what really happened and why Lauren vanished in February will be revealed.

The only features of the enigmatic attacker that have come to light thus far are his gloved hands and dark attire; his face is still unknown. First glimpses of his and Lauren’s ordeal—she shouted out for aid before being seized—came from a recent caravan.

After evidence from many weeks ago came to light, a new video may confirm her final moments and manner of her away. Detectives had known for months that Lauren was killed.

Corrie has finally disclosed details of Lauren Bolton’s potential last moments (Image: ITV)

Investigators said that the human tissue and blood found in her flat were consistent with head trauma. In addition, they discovered what they thought to be the murder weapon—a blood-stained chair leg—while Roy Cropper remains behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

The real culprit and the events leading up to Lauren’s abduction and likely murder will finally be made public on Thursday night. The events after her seizure, pinning to the ground, and vicious attack are shown in a new trailer.

She screams and has her hair pulled back before an unidentified person pushes her head to the ground. The attacker can then be seen grabbing a weapon and raising it over Lauren, who looks scared and is probably afraid for her life.

The video ends before we see what occurs next, but it’s assumed that this is when she was brutally attacked before going missing. As of right now, the soap series has not revealed who attacked Lauren, but the leading candidates are Joel Deering and Nathan Curtis.

However, when they offered alternative suggestions about who may be responsible for Lauren’s abduction, they felt that Joel being a suspect would be ‘too apparent’. After being taken hostage, many Corrie fans are hopeful to find Lauren alive.

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