ITV Coronation Street fans share Joel suspicions as they slam ‘obvious’ storyline

Lauren Bolton’s disappearance is set to be solved this week – but who is behind it?

Callum Lill as Joel in Coronation Street (Image: ITV)

Fans of Coronation Street have revised their beliefs on who could be responsible for Lauren Bolton’s disappearance.

This week, the ITV soap opera is running every night, and on Friday, May 31, the storyline’s finale will be revealed. The first four episodes, which replayed the same day but from the perspectives of other individuals, will ultimately reveal the truth of Lauren’s abduction.

As Sarah is desperate to save her daughter Bethany from her horrible ex-abuser, Roy’s jail nightmare will come to an end and predator Nathan Curtis will be firmly placed on the police’s radar. Sarah is prepared to take any and all risks in order to establish Nathan’s involvement in Lauren’s abduction, especially since Bethany has threatened to leave Weatherfield.

As they work feverishly to clean Roy’s reputation, Carla and Bobby are under pressure, charged of subverting the process of justice. However, DS Swain is also pursuing Nathan, and the evidence against him is growing.

“Groundhog week” has already drawn criticism from fans, who have dubbed it the “longest and most boring week ever.” However, following the programme on Wednesday night, a lot of people used X, the former Twitter, to express their opinions about the person they believe is to blame for Lauren’s disappearance.

Some believe she’s been abducted and held captive, while others worry she’s dead. In the event that Joel is found to have been behind the scheme, supporters have now identified a problem.

While @MsCJWolf remarked, “If it was Joel, the biggest lie is that Lauren calls him her “rich boyfriend” – a criminal solicitor…,” @Blockbustargirl said, “If it turns out to be Joel after we’ve all thought it’s Joel for months on end I’m gonna be p***** off cos months on end we’ve had to endure this story so they should’ve just shown it three months ago #corrie.” I failed to remember that he was Lauren’s duty attorney in September when she damaged Audrey’s salon, too #Corrie.”

According to @AbarthGuillaume, “#corrie As @camjmes0 stated: “Joel is sooo guilty! Joel is definitely the culprit behind Lauren’s disappearance!” He always shows up when it’s most needed. #Corrie.

Some people have their own theories about the possible culprit. @tamlizann25 was wondering: “I’m sick of #Corrie groundhog day, is Joel too obvious, I think Nathan has nothing to do with Lauren, is it Max?” as @mrscarter22 concluded: “I’ve believed Joel is the guilty party the entire time. But now I’m curious about Kit. There was something about the way he talked to Nathan. I find it bothersome. It’s Kit #Corrie if it’s not Joel.

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