ITV Coronation Street’s Charlotte Jordan issues warning ahead of ‘dark’ Daisy Midgeley twist

ITV Coronation Street’s Charlotte Jordan issues warning ahead of ‘dark’ Daisy Midgeley twist

The ‘dark’ plot of Coronation Street character Daisy Midgeley, which revolves on the explosive cobbles love triangle, has prompted actress Charlotte Jordan to give a warning.

Fans of the soap opera will remember that Daisy cheated on her fiancé Daniel Osbourne earlier this year by starting a shocking romance with Ryan Connor. Daniel just found out about the romance last week, due to a shocking video tape, and Daisy is expected to come clean about the liaison in the next scenes.

There will be more drama, however, as Daniel immediately turns his attention to his ex-girlfriend Bethany Platt, whom he even proposed to, returning to the cobblestone. Daisy is sure to be envious. “The b***h is back!” Charlotte, 28, hinted about Daisy in a preview of the next scenes.

Actress Charlotte Jordan of Coronation Street has warned fans ahead of her character Daisy Midgeley’s “dark” plot. (Photo: ITV)

After Daisy lost both Daniel and Ryan, Charlotte remarked to the Mirror and other media outlets, “She needs to gather herself and refocus.” For the last two to three years that she has been living on the streets, these guys had at one point been her only concern. It’s intriguing that they’re using the breakup to resurrect her darker side, and she’s going to give in to her immoral impulses. The b***h is back, for want of a better phrase, because she believes she has nothing left to lose.”

“Oh god absolutely,” she responded, referring to her perception of Bethany as a danger. She’s stunning, she’s heard about Bethany’s lavish lifestyle in London, and Daisy is inherently envious and possessive. Daisy will be on high alert immediately since Bethany and Daniel had that connection when Daniel was most vulnerable, and I have to admit, I’m really looking forward to playing around with that relationship.”

When asked if Bethany’s return would encourage Daisy to win Daniel back, Charlotte responded, “Well, I wouldn’t exactly refer to Daniel as a prize to be won – he’s also made some pretty manipulative moves which I think scream’red flag’.” Daisy has frequently found herself in a love triangle during her time on the cobbles. I’m not sure whether they should permanently part ways or if this has shown how much in common they really are—perhaps they were meant to be together after all!

“I believe Daisy will be crushed if she witnesses Daniel content with someone else, particularly if he moves on quickly. However, it will also compel her to accept responsibility for the damage she has caused to their relationship. We may hope that he does ultimately find his way back to her, but I believe that she simply wants him to be happy once the first red mist goes gone since she understands how royally screwed up everything was.”

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