ITV Coronation Street’s Toyah heads to court as Leanne involved in horror accident

Toyah Battersby’s court date arrives next week on Coronation Street but she is shocked when she receives two phone calls.

Toyah receives two calls that shock her (Image: ITV)

Georgia Taylor’s character Toyah Battersby on Coronation Street gets two calls that would leave her speechless the next week.

Worried about her sister Leanne’s (Jane Danson) connection with the cult and its leader Rowan Cunliffe (Emrhys Cooper), Toyah has been pestering The Institute for weeks. She finds that the firm is suing her for slander.

In later scenes, Toyah tells Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) that she is frightened to receive a gift of yellow flowers and that Rowan must have denounced her to the police.

Fans of the ITV soap opera will be aware that Toyah previously bought a solitary yellow rose to place on her daughter’s tomb, whom she buried in a park after her 19-year-old birth.

Toyah fell pregnant after she was raped by Phil Simmonds and gave birth to a premature baby who was tragically stillborn in 2001.

Nick demands Leanne cut all ties with Rowan and The Institute (Image: ITV)

Leanne is confronted by an enraged Toyah who hands her the card and the flowers. After Leanne tells Nick that she informed Rowan, Nick goes home and tells Leanne that they are done together or she must break off all contact with Rowan and The Institute. How is she going to act?

When Leanne comes back, a remorseful Nick questions her over Rowan. Leanne, furious, declares she would never be unfaithful to him.

Nick and Toyah agree that their kiss was a mistake in the meantime. Calling at the restaurant on his motorcycle, Rowan gives Leanne an extra helmet and tells her he has a surprise in store for her.

Nick and Toyah must handle the noon rush alone as Leanne follows him out. While Toyah is horrified by her sister’s behaviour, Nick is furious.

Toyah rushes into A&E after receiving a call that Leanne has been involved in a accident (Image: ITV)

During a video conference at a hotel restaurant, Rowan presents Leanne to Willow, the CEO of The Institute. Then he informs Leanne, who is pleased, that she will soon be allowed to bring in new members on her own.

Toyah gets a call that surprises her as she leaves for her court hearing at the Institute. She rushes into A&E and informs the desk nurse that she received a call alerting her to her sister Leanne’s involvement in a motorcycling accident.

Is everything, however, as it seems?

Toyah is shocked to hear from the police that her kid may now be released for burial.

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