Emmerdale: Ryan and Gail’s son Oscar hasn’t been seen for six months, fans complain

Oscar seems to have been forgotten

Fans of Emmerdale may recall that Gail and Oscar were reunited with their biological son last year if they looked back.

Oscar needed a bone marrow transplant, so his parents tried to find someone who might be a match.

Fans of Emmerdale have recently observed that Oscar hasn’t been seen in a long time.

Oscar wanted to get to know his biological parents (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Ryan and Gail’s son, Oscar

When Gail and Sophie finally got together last year, it became out that Sophie was Oscar’s adoptive mother.

The audience was then informed that Gail was Oscar’s biological mother and Ryan was his father.

Oscar was so sick as a teenager that he required a bone marrow transplant. Sophie pondered if Gail’s stem cells would work.

Ryan was eventually informed that Oscar was not being kept a secret from her at first, as the two sought to get to know Oscar once Gail discovered she was a match.

But Sophie pretended that Oscar didn’t want to interact with them because she was envious of the possibility that he may have a relationship with his biological parents.

Oscar hasn’t been on screen since last year (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans baffled over ‘forgotten’ Gail, Ryan & Oscar storyline

The Oscar narrative mostly appeared on film towards the close of the previous year. It has come to the notice of certain supporters that he hasn’t been seen or referenced since the beginning of this year.

“Why hasn’t Ryan and Gail’s son Oscar been seen in over six months?” a disgruntled admirer asked. Come on, I know he lives with his adoptive mother. He was interested in getting to know the Dingles. Since Charity’s birthday celebration in November, he has not been seen. They seemed to be moving forward with a plot for him.

“I’ve been wondering if he made a comeback in 2024, but I must have missed it,” a second respondent said. “Very strange that they would introduce him with no apparent reason at all.”

“It’s strange that he seems to have been forgotten, even though he was last seen in January,” a third viewer said.

“I thought they were going to do a storyline with him, show him hanging out more with the Dingles,” said a fourth individual. however, he just vanished.

Will Oscar return? (Credit: ITV)

Where is Oscar?

Ryan is seldom seen on TV these days, and the whole Oscar tale has become fairly quiet. Usually, Gail is only working behind the bar when she shows there.

Could all three of the characters, nevertheless, soon be brought back into the narrative? Is Oscar making a comeback this year?

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