ITV Emmerdale confirms Ella Forster’s connection to Meena Jutla as truth revealed

Emmerdale has seemingly confirmed Ella Forster's connection to Meena Jutla as the truth about who she really is has finally been revealed
Emmerdale has seemingly confirmed Ella Forster’s connection to Meena Jutla as the truth about who she really is has finally been revealed (Image: ITV)

Ella Forster’s relationship to Meena Jutla appears to have been validated by Emmerdale, as her true identity has finally come to light.

Ella Forster’s unexpected relationship to Meena Jutla has been revealed by Emmerdale.

Following the major hint that was dropped in yesterday night’s episode, the ITV soap opera has now disclosed that Ella and Meena have a significant bond. Leyla has discovered that Ella isn’t her true name, which has raised doubts about Ella’s identity.

But a significant new piece of information suggests Ella may be connected to Meena, a serial killer who is now serving a life sentence for killing other village members, including Ella’s lover Dr. Liam Cavanagh’s daughter.

One Reddit user discovered a significant hint regarding the identity of the true “Ella.” They posted a picture of a newspaper with Meena on it next to Ella’s purse and said, “I couldn’t help but notice this in last night’s episode.” Meena’s allegations are the main story on the top page of the newspaper. given they were next to Ella’s purse, it’s safe to presume it’s hers. This must be an old piece because it doesn’t make sense for it to be making news years after it happened (particularly given it seems to be talking about either her being accused or punished). With an old newspaper about Meena, what would she be doing? Perhaps I’m taking things too seriously.”

Meena is somehow linked to Ella on Emmerdale ( Image: ITV)

As they offered their own thoughts, more fans quickly agreed with the initial posting. One person wrote: “I think she used to be Meena’s cellmate. Since Meena was imprisoned in April 2022, it’s possible that they lived together for a considerable amount of time prior to Ella’s release and arrival at the hamlet in December 2023. If Ella has been freed from jail after a lengthy stay, it is more possible that she is using a new name or identity. Ella could feel obligated to Meena because she was the first prisoner to demonstrate her “kindness”—a classic manipulative Meena tactic—especially because Ella doesn’t appear to have any friends or relatives.”

“I’m leaning towards Ella since she may have spent time in there as a youngster. Contemplating murdering her buddy who was in the photo with her by mistake and then feeling guilty about contacting June, the victim’s relative? Another person wondered, “I’m not sure when Leyla and Suzie said the article was found with Ella in and if that ties up with Meena in jail.”

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