ITV Emmerdale spoilers see dark Moira Dingle revenge twist and Tom King exposed

Next week will see Moira Dingle hellbent on revenge as she visits Matty Barton in prison (Image: ITV)

Next week on Emmerdale, there will be exciting moments as Moira Dingle gets vengeance on Samson Dingle for his devious deception and Belle discovers a troubling truth about her insane husband, Tom King.

Next week, Emmerdale will feature some exciting moments that put a number of village residents in jeopardy.

Next week’s spoilers hint to a sinister vengeance plot involving Moira Dingle, whose son Matty Barton was imprisoned as a result of Samson Dingle’s deceit. In another scene, Belle Dingle, trying to regain control over her life, learns something concerning about her insane husband, Tom King.

After months of family strife, a romantic pair in the community also plans to depart the Dales next week. The main plotlines for Emmerdale the next week are listed below.

Samson Dingle was stabbed on Thursday night in a dramatic scene, and Matty Barton is to fault for the incident as the knife he was wielding became lodged in Samson’s stomach. After Matty threw their expensive drinks down the drain, Samson’s new buddy Josh confronted him in a series of startling incidents. Even though he knew that Matty and Amy had just been married, he was still incensed with Josh for his persistent flirtations with Amy.

Things became worse when disgusting When Josh began making comments about Matty’s gender identity, Matty became enraged and told Josh to go, but Josh wouldn’t have it. Samson was pulled forward and onto the knife that Matty was grasping by him. Samson was taken away in an ambulance amid horrible scenes, and Matty ended himself in jail.

Moira Dingle, vengeful, will visit Matty Barton in jail the next week.

When Matty was questioned by police on Friday’s episode, it came out that cost-cutting tactics had prevented any CCTV from being installed at the HOP or the Hide, therefore there was no proof to support Matty’s allegations. Even worse, Josh vowed to get Samson to believe his version of events so they wouldn’t go into trouble. Throughout the play, Samson conveyed a strong sense of shame by mentioning Matty’s familial connection. Later on, however, Samson informed the police that Matty had stabbed him while Matty’s stepfather, Cain Dingle, was enraged and determined to find out the truth.

This week’s spoilers for Emmerdale state that Matty will be facing a jail twist, and next week will see Moira vengefully. When Amy and Moira visit Matty in jail in later scenes, he reveals that he hasn’t taken a shower since arriving, which makes Matty tense. Moira also recalls his medicine.

Moira’s marriage and her life quickly come to an end, leaving her shaken (Image: ITV)

As Cain arrives, Samson, who is at the Dingles, gets ready for work but feels uneasy. Aware that Josh is the true provocateur, Cain begs Samson to save Matty from a life of rot in prison. Afterwards, Moira is disappointed to learn that Samson is continuing to tell his tale. There are several ways to skin a cat, Moira says menacingly as a scheme to rescue Matty takes shape. Later, Moira follows Samson to the Woolpack restrooms with a sinister purpose in mind. What is she up to?

Later, Moira emasculates Cain at the dinner table when Cain attempts to warn her about screwing up Matty’s case. Moira doesn’t want to hear it. As Cain reminds her of the derogatory remarks she made about him the previous evening, Moira regrets her outburst the following day. When an inebriated Cain later returns to the Butlers, things get out of hand. Soon enough, Moira’s marriage and her life start to fall apart, leaving her disturbed.

Tom King exposed as Belle Dingle makes worrying discovery

Tom King and Belle Dingle are battling a coercive control plotline in the ITV soap opera, and viewers have lately seen Tom controlling and isolating his girlfriend Belle. Recent incidents took an even more tragic turn when Tom became angry, his depraved conduct becoming worse, and he was watching her.

This week, after a series of stunning moments, Belle discovers she is pregnant. The following week, the character is filled with anxiety as she confides in the midwife and says she wants a termination. Setting up a scan appointment, Belle is devastated that this is the situation. Later, Belle abruptly ends a chat with a cab company as Tom heads back home.

Belle Dingle is floored when she makes a shocking discovery and realises Tom’s been tracking her movements

Belle politely asks Tom to snap a picture and clocks his phone pin while he praises her cosmetics. After a little time, Belle unlocks her phone and tries to use her banking app to pay for the cab ride as Tom walks upstairs. But before long, Belle discovers something startling and finds that Tom has been following her everywhere, leaving her speechless. After learning of the finding, Belle feels stuck and is unable to persuade Tom to allow her to drive the automobile.

Belle finds an extra key, but she’s not sure whether she should take a chance and drive to the abortion facility. In the meanwhile, Belle secretly places her phone in Esther’s pram to prevent Tom from finding her, and Amelia grudgingly offers to watch her dog Piper. Fearful that she is being seen, Belle enters Tom’s vehicle. Belle is certain she cannot have this baby while at the clinic, but she is having trouble understanding her relationship with Tom. What will happen next, and will Tom find out?

Next week’s episode will see Nicky Milligan still struggling after his parents’ treachery. Those who follow soap operas will remember that Ethan Anderson left her son Nicky to die in a vehicle accident when he was intoxicated, and Ruby Fox-Milligan, Nicky’s mother, just ran over Anderson as payback.

Nicky Milligan floats the idea of moving away with Suni Sharma

Ethan seemed to survive the hit-and-run at first. But later that week, in a terrifying turn of events, Ethan grabbed his head in agony before passing away unexpectedly, leaving his family inconsolable. Nicky is outraged by his mother’s behaviour and by his father, Caleb Milligan, standing up for her. In later sequences, Nicky—who is keen to put his parents behind him—floats the notion of moving out on his own with partner Suni Sharma. Will Emmerdale and their families be left behind by the pair?

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