ITV Emmerdale star Danny Miller discusses soap exit as he pleads ‘please don’t kill me off’

Danny Miller has opened up about a potential exit from Emmerdale, so soon after he returned to the Dales following a break

Shortly after his return to Emmerdale after a break, actor Danny Miller, who plays Aaron Dingle, said that he may be leaving the show.

Except for a brief hiatus following his victory on I’m A Celebrity in 2012 and a two-year hiatus, Danny Miller has been playing Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale for fourteen years.

But when Danny learns next week that he inherits the defective BRCA2 gene that he received from his mother Chas Dingle, he’ll be taking on a whole new plot. After receiving her own diagnosis and her mother Faith Dingle’s death, Chas chose to get a double mastectomy. She has also encouraged her son Aaron to get checked as well as her brothers Cain Dingle and Caleb Miligan.

Because of this new plot, which will see Danny struggle with the diagnosis, he has opened up about his own anxieties for his soap opera future. Aaron will also keep his gene test a secret from his family.

“My first thought about this story was, ‘I’ve just moved to Leeds, please don’t kill me off!'” he remarked in an interview with The Mirror and other media. Some folks simply have bad luck come after them. Therefore, when the three of them—Calin Dingle, Caleb Milligan, and his character Aaron—took the gene test, I knew exactly what they would say. “It’s me that gets it, isn’t it?” is what I seem to have said.

Danny will tackle a new storyline as Aaron finds out he has the faulty BRCA2 gene

“I don’t think Aaron immediately understands how serious this is. Aaron has never been the type of person who enjoys having all eyes and focus on him. The worst question you could ask him would be if he disclosed to people that he hasn’t handled it on his own. He would probably receive a lot of inquiries about his well-being.”

He clarified that although Aaron will keep things to himself for the time being, he will only open up to Chas and Paddy—the two people in the village he trusts the most—if and when he does speak up. Since his return, Aaron has shown a lot of caution.

Storytelling that hasn’t been done before has always piqued my curiosity. However, I was naive to not consider male breast cancer. It would be an intriguing tale, he continued. “I spoke to a couple of other people here, males, and they didn’t know about it either.” Aaron pushes all of that aside for the time being. I’m aware that we’ll speak with Chas at some point. Other than Paddy, she’s the only person with whom Aaron would confide. I’m hoping for the best for both Aaron and myself.”

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