Coronation Street Lauren’s ‘murderer exposed’ – and it’s neither Roy nor Daniel

Coronation Street’s troubled youngster Lauren Bolton was confirmed dead on the ITV soap on Wednesday night, as police suggested she had been murdered after a violent assault

Viewers of Coronation Street were gripped by a murder mystery that included Lauren Bolton, but Roy Cropper and Daniel Osbourne may not be involved.

Detectives looking into Lauren’s disappearance believe she is dead since she has been missing for many weeks. Police think Lauren may have been killed at her apartment after discovering evidence of a severe assault there.

In a radio interview, DS Swain said that Lauren’s killer is expected to be apprehended in a next episode, and that the search for her character is still ongoing. However, she said that all the evidence points to Lauren’s untimely death at the hands of an unidentified individual.

Lauren has been missing for weeks

It has now come to light that investigators are approaching her case as it may be a murder case. The revelation stunned and grieved the listeners of the radio program, including Lauren’s loved ones.

In the meanwhile, Daniel, her instructor, was uneasy after Swain’s interrogation. After Max Turner revealed that Daniel was Lauren’s secret lover, she implied that he was exchanging teaching for sex.

Just one day after Roy Cropper had cleaned Lauren’s apartment, bloodstains were found inside, leaving Coronation Street viewers perplexed. Even though she vanished a few weeks ago, many people think Daniel and Roy are unrelated to it.

Supporters are certain that Roy had nothing to do with Lauren’s exit.

One fan posted on social networking site X and said: “Max is clearly suspicious of Daniel, but not for the reason that I think he did anything to Lauren! For what purpose would he have?

One more person commented: “Corrie time the tedious hunt for Lauren. It seems like Max assigns poor Daniel the blame.”

A third wrote: “DS Swain usually amazes me, but the last episode’s lack of basic logic irritated me. If Roy was the one who attacked Lauren and cleaned up afterward, why didn’t he wipe up the blood? He would have been aware that it had spilled over the drapes, for sure.”

Supporters of Coronation Street think Daniel is innocent.

When Sean Tully saw the blood on the cloth, he was thinking about renting the apartment. When Bobby Crawford heard this, he ran to the police station, which prompted them to begin searching the apartment.

After receiving a tip, a team of detectives went through the flat in detail and discovered money concealed beneath a mattress. But when they discovered a large quantity of blood on the curtains, they were even more concerned.

After making the startling find, DS Swain and constable Craig Tinker started to wonder whether Lauren had died or been seriously injured. When Swain discovered that Roy had cleaned the apartment and had given Lauren a job and a place to stay, he was made a suspect.

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